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Bryson DeChambeau confronts the cameraman for possibly damaging his trademark

DETROIT – Bryson DeChambeau still has a chance to win the Rocket Mortgage Classic, but that bid was almost waived in the middle of his third inning when the tour’s strongest star exchanged words with an on-course cameraman.

DeChambeau shot a 5-under-67 in the third inning, and at 16 under he is tied for second place, three shots behind Matthew Wolff. But his game began slowly, and things did not improve much after a shiny sand shot from a No. 7 green bunker.

DeChambeau fired his club furiously in the sand shortly after impact, and he finally made bogey. While describing his reaction to the shot as “stupid”, he took issue with the cameraman who followed him closely as he approached the green and marked his ball.

“He literally looked at me all the way up after coming out of the bunker and walking up beside the green. And I was just like, “Sir, what is it necessary to look at me for so long?”

;, DeChambeau said. “I mean, I understand that it’s his job to film me, but at the same point, I think we need to start protecting our players out here compared to showing a potential vulnerability and damaging someone’s image. I just don’t think it’s necessarily the right thing to do. “

DeChambeau stayed behind the bogey and then stopped behind the green to talk to the cameraman long before continuing to the nearby eighth tee. He finally ended his round with a 374-yard bomb from 13th tee and played their last six holes in 4 under to move within striking distance from Wolff.

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But hours later, he was still having trouble with the event on the seventh green, which he perceived as an attempt to show him in a bad light after an angry outburst that he believes showed his passion for the game.

“As much as we’re out and about, I think it’s imperative that we have our times of integrity even when things aren’t going well. I mean, we’re in the limelight, but if anyone else is in the limelight they wouldn’t like that, “DeChambeau said.” I feel that when you film someone and you take Tiger (Woods) at a bad time, you accidentally show him doing something, or someone else, they’re just frustrated because they really care about the game. It can really hurt them if they catch you at a potentially vulnerable time.

“We mean nothing about it, we just care a lot about the game. For it to hurt our brand it’s not cool the way we act because if you actually meet me personally I’m not that bad of a guy, I don’t think. “

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