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Bryce Harper does not take into account short-term offers

Even when he continues an already long stay in the free agent market, "Star Outfielder Bryce Harper " is not signed – or even with consider – short-term agreements ", according to Jon Heyman from MLB Network ( Twitter link ).

It has been a certain indication that some clubs can operate Harper on less than long contract terms. Harper's entry into the market increases the prospect of such an approach, in some cases, the San Francisco organization is not just a true potential suitor, but is only interested in committing Harper for a limited period.

Just where Harper and his camp draw The line is not ready, regardless of the guaranteed duration of a possible contract, it is likely that any agreement will come with complicated opt-in / opt-out arrangements, possibly including Both club and players have the opportunity to extend or shorten the deal.

The parameters are still unclear. However, it seems reasonable to conclude that Harper will not be susceptible to offers that are premised on the idea of ​​earning a large salary now when re-entering the market at a still youthful age. That possibility may well be considered in a contract, as mentioned above, but a longer background guarantee also seems to be a necessary part of the picture.

It is probably assumed that Harper believes that a suitable long offer is still possible. All indications are that the Phillies would still be susceptible to a great commitment, even if the team's standing offer (if any) is not known. It seems that the citizens have withdrawn the ten-year, $ 300MM offer they originally dangled, but the team's current threshold is not clear. Other teams that remain connected to Harper include Padres and the White Sox, with some unspecified teams still rumored to be involved at a certain level.

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