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Brown Tide afraid of worsening Florida Red Tide

Under a red water, the algae blooms cause the water reddish, while the Trichodesmium flower can cause the water to turn brown under a brown water. A meeting of the two can be catastrophic to marine wildlife. ( Wikimedia Commons )

What can happen if the red water and the lakes in Florida meet? "Meet-up" can worsen the red tides that have already killed lots of fish and other marine life.

Florida Red Tide

The latest update from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on the ongoing red tide in the state reveals that algae flowers continue to exist in southwest Florida, stretching 1

45 miles off the coast. In some areas, high concentrations of Karenia brevis continue to be observed at> 1,000,000 cells per liter.

To date, the authorities have already recovered 150 tonnes of dead fish for disposal and other marine creatures such as manatees, sea turtles and dolphins are also affected by the red tide. FWC has actually confirmed red water to be the cause of death for 29 manateurs from August 18th and is believed to be the cause of death for over 70 other manners. Birds like osprey, anhingas, black skimmer and lazy gulls are also affected by the current red time.

Red Tide and Brown Tide & # 39; Meet-Up & # 39;

Now, the annual Trichodesmium algae bloom has already begun in western Florida waters and experts worry that this could lead to terrible results if it were to be encountered with the current red tides. While some trichodesmium strains can produce toxins, the person responsible for the current brown tide is not known to damage animals, the water and humans. It is also not typically a food source for marine animals.

What is dangerous about the emergence of the red tide and the brown tide, if it were to happen, when the trichodesmium flower dies, is the red tide K. brevia can then feed the nutrients released by the well, extend its lifetime and let it it spread further. This is why researchers hope that the two do not stop meeting in the water, otherwise the meeting could complicate the already bad red water.

Brown Tide

The brown tide is caused by Trichodesmium, a cyanobacterium found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide and blossoms in the Gulf of Mexico each year. Reports of Trichodesmium blossoms date back in the 18th century when British Royal Navy Captain James Cook reported on brown flowers that looked like sandbars.

Because the flowers can actually form colonies visible to the eye, the sails sometimes call the flowers "sea sawdust" because the smaller flowers look like sawdust floating on the surface of the water, while the larger flowers tend to look like petals.

Interestingly, some Trichodesmium flowers can be so visible that they can be seen from space. [19659013] See now: 30 Gadgets and Technical Gifts for Father's Day 2018 That Dad Will Believe Is Rad

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