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"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Saved by NBC 1 day after Fox cancellation

Can we get an unironic "cool, cool, cool, cool, cool" over here? Because "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has been saved one day after being interrupted by Fox.

And you can direct yourself to your happy "NINE-NINE" calling on NBC, to be the one who takes it back. Peacock announced Friday night that it had taken up Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher-led sitcom for a 13 episode season 6.

"Ever since we sold this show to Fox, I've regretted to let it get out and it's high time came back to their rightful home, "said Robert Greenblatt, chairman, NBC Entertainment. "Mike Schur, Dan Goor and Andy Samberg grew up at NBC and we're all proud that one of the smartest, funniest and best cast comedies for a long time will take place in our comedy series. I'm talking to everyone at NBC, here are they nine-nine! "

Cast and creator Dan Goor also went on Twitter to express their joy of being revived.

"So Happy to Announce: NBC ROOKS UP BROOKLYN 99 FOR SEASON 6 !!!" Samberg tweeted.

"Hello everyone, just wanted to say no big deal but … .NBC JUST PICKED # BROOKLYN99 UP FOR SEASON 6 !!! Thanks, no less part to you, the best fans in the world's history! Nine nine !!!!!!!!! "Goor wrote.

The cast includes Samberg (a former alum of NBC's Saturday Night Live), Braugher, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, Stephanie Beatriz, Chelsea Peretti, Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller.

Goor Executive produces together with Schur, David Miner and Luke Del Tredici. The 11th anniversary marks Schurs third show on NBC this season along with the recently renewed "The Good Place" and the one that was just ordered for the "Abby" series. Goor and Schur previously worked together at NBC at "Parks and Recreation." [19659005] Also read: & # 39; Brooklyn Nine-Nine & # 39; Saved? Other networks and platforms have already expressed interest

Speaks that "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" – produced by Universal TV, Fremulon, Dr. Goor Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment – were nominated for a return elsewhere started just a few hours after the show fell victim to Fox's pre-frontfront housekeeping together with "The Mick" and "Last Man on Earth." A Fox insider quoted the night's added night on "Thursday Night Football" and "a big part of our new series is being renewed" as reason

The news gave rise to support from fans who protested against the decision, including Mark Hamill, Guillermo del Toro and Lin-Manuel Miranda – who urged their followers to tweet "# RenewB99" to save the show.

A person who was aware of the discussions told TheWrap Thursday that the Universal TV producers were interested in several other networks and streaming platforms to potentially pick up a 19th season of the show.

Hulu and Netflix finally agreed to pick up the comedy.

According to the The latest data from Nielsen, which includes a week of delayed view where available, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is an average of 1.2 in advertiser-demanded demographic and 2.7 million total viewers in its 8:30 pm Sunday time slot

These numbers planted it on Fox's Refresh bubble this year, but it has been a critical love since Season 1, so it was considered more than likely to be taken again. And that was – by NBC only.

See cast and creator's tweets below.

] "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" flies on Sundays at 8: 30/7: 30 c on Fox – for now.


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