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Brock Lesnar: Re-sign with WWE, puts rematch with Roman governments

Former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar have rewritten with the sports entertainment monolight, WWE announced Monday. The news came less than a day after Lesnar maintained its title in a very malignant headlining against Roman Reigns in Wrestlemania.

The terms of the deal were not announced, but Lesnar's next match was. He returns to the ring at the big Royal Rumble event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on April 27th. There he will meet known enemy Reger in a steel camp in what promises to be, at least logistically, one of the biggest events in the campaign's long history.

The move probably resumes Lesnars often discussed return to mixed martial arts. UFC President Dana White Stoked talks about the massive wrestler shopping for four ounce gloves after his previous WWE contract had expired, and also to say that the reporters odds for Lesner's return to Octogon were "very good". While 40-year-old has written back with the campaign that first hit him into the limelight, there is no guarantee that he could not take double duty. He helped save the UFC 200 card with a last minute demonstration against heavyweight founder Mark Hunt under the WWE contract in 201


The look threw a wrench in his plans to return. Lesnar tested positive for a forbidden subject after the match, which made his decision victory to a "no competition". Even worse, the doping violation gave him a one-year suspension from the sport. While that ban ended in July 2017, his February retirement may result in the Atlantic state in the Nevada state fulfilling the last five months of his penalty if he is to be officially available as an MMA competitor.

Anyway, Lesnar's presence is a boost for WWE, who has driven the former collegial all-American wrestler as one of his toughest attractions. Lesnar has held the universal title, one of two world championship belts, since Wrestlemania 33 and has been one of WWE's most notable headlines despite its part-time status at the company's show.

Keeping Lesnar also means that WWE will hold two high-profile UFC champions on their list. Former women's bantamweight titled Ronda Rousey made his in-ring debut on Sunday night and went with Kurt Angle to defeat Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

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