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SC has 74 municipalities infected by Aedes Aegypti – CLMais

According to the latest epidemiological bulletin issued by the Epidemiological Surveillance Department in Santa Catarina (Dive), the state has 74 municipalities infected by Aedes Aegypti. During the same period last year, 61 municipalities were infected. The updated data in early September show an increase of 21.3% of the number of cities infected with dengue transmitting mosquito, chikungunya fever and zika virus.

Dive clarifies that the municipalities attacked by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are the propaganda and maintenance of the vector in the households. That is, when focusing on vector surveillance activities (performed using traps distributed in the municipalities and by monitoring sites considered strategic points, such as old irons, rubber stores, vehicle depots, etc.), is a scanning action in the region, within a radius of 300 meters, to identify and eliminate containers of water in the property where the mosquito nets put in their eggs.

In addition, the larvae gather in the action to detect other eruptions. After two months of this initial activity, we return to the area to identify and discard containers with water. If new outbreaks are found, the site is infected. The municipality is no longer infected after a period of eight months without identifying new outbreaks in the area.

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