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Fairs: Read more about the disease that arrived at Santos harbor

An extremely contagious and serious disease, measles was discussed again after the fall, confirmed on Tuesday 19th on one of the largest cruise ships operating on the Brazilian coast, Seaview.

Adolfo Lutz Institute has already confirmed 18 infected. Singer Wesley Safadão made a show during the trip and is on the ship. The vessel is expected to return to Santos, outside São Paulo, to immunize them on board and it is expected that 5,000 people will initially be vaccinated.

In a statement, MSC Cruzeiros reported that "a small number of MSC Seaview crews had possible signs of red dogs or measles". The company said it was operating closely with the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and as a precautionary measure, the entire crew of the ship was vaccinated.

By 201

6, Brazil had received the disease eradication certificate from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), but as a result, cases of Venezuelans who went to Roraima were registered and spread in the state of 2017.

Last year, the disease reached Amazon's condition – having the largest number of cases (9,803) – also registered in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Pará (62), Rio Grande do Sul (46), Rio de Janeiro (19), Sergipe (4), Pernambuco (4) , São Paulo (3), Bahia (3), Rondônia Federal District (1).

According to the latest bulletin published by the Ministry of Health, with data from 2018 to January 21 this year, the country counts 10,302 cases of measles and 12 deaths.

What is measles?

It is a serious viral infection disease that can lead to death, especially for children.

How does the transfer of measles occur?

By secretions expelled in the cough, sneezing, speaking and even breathing. The virus is transmitted between four and six days before or after the appearance of red spots on the body, but the time the person transmits the disease is two days before and two days after the onset of this symptom.

What Symptoms The symptoms of measles are high fever, over 38.5 ° C, rash, cough, coryza, conjunctivitis and white spots that appear on the buccal mucosa one to two days prior to the onset of exanthema.

Can measles kill?


What is the form of prevention?

Because it is an extremely contagious disease, the only way to prevent it from occurring is in children and adolescents. The vaccination should be applied in two doses: one in 12 months and the other in 15 months. Children from 5 years to 9 years of age who have not been vaccinated should take two doses of the vaccine. People 10 to 29 years old should take two doses of the vaccine. Those who are between 30 and 49 years only need to take a dose of triple virus vaccine (against measles, sheep's disease and rubella).

Are adults free from disease?

No And adults in their 30s should especially watch out. This is because previous vaccination was done at 9 months and in only one dose. Therefore, they should seek health care to update the vaccine booklet. Those who do not know their vaccination status can be vaccinated again.

What is the situation for vaccination in the country?

Despite the large number of records in the country, the proportion of the immunized population is still low against the disease. By 2017, the second dose of the vaccine had reached 71.6% of the target population in Brazil.

Preliminary data from the Ministry of Health shows that half of the municipalities did not reach the goal of vaccination, which is equal to or greater than 95%

Why is coverage low?

According to health experts and authorities, there is low population leadership in campaigns.

Pregnant women, children under 6 months and immunocompromised should not receive the dose.

Who should not be vaccinated? The pregnant woman must wait to be vaccinated after birth. The vaccine is not recommended in suspected cases of measles.

What is guidance for travelers?

According to the Ministry of Health, cases of measles have fallen worldwide due to immunization, but epidemics may occur every two or three years in regions where vaccination coverage is low, as in some countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. The recommendation is to seek vaccination after at least 15 days before the trip to check the vaccination situation and, if necessary, immunize.

How is measles treated?

No specific treatment for measles. Children with the disease usually get vitamin A to reduce the risk of progression to severe and fatal cases. Preventive antibiotic treatment is contraindicated. Some children need four to eight weeks to regain their nutritional status before infection.

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