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Brand at Flamengo youth training complex in Brazil leaves 10 people dead and three injured, reports reports

A Friday morning fire at the youth facility in the Brazilian football club Flamengo left at least three injured and 10 dead, including six teenage players and four employees, according to Globo Esporte. The fire swept through the club's recently expanded youth education center early in the morning and floated dormitory in flames when the players slept.

According to Lauro Jardim from Globo Esporte, the building that struck fire did not have the right permit and was used as accommodation for Flamengo youth teams. It kept players between 14 and 17 years old. The club spent about 6.2 million dollars to expand the training called "Ninho do Urubu" during the past year.

The club took on Twitter to announce that it "is in grief" over the tragic event.

The cause of the fire is not yet known. One of the victims was the 15-year-old Chirstian Esmerio, a youth goalkeeper with the Brazilian national team who got the appearance of foreign clubs, according to Globo.

Flamengo, based in Rio de Janeiro, is considered one of the most supported and established football clubs in Brazilian football history, with former Brazilian legends such as Zico, Romario, Bebeto and Ronaldinho. 18-year-old football star Vinicius Junior, now staring at Real Madrid after being raised from Flamengo's youth groups, tweeted the following:

"Just remember the nights and days I spent at the training facility, I give is left in disbelief, but pray for all. God blesses everybody's family. "So those are like noites and diarrhea. Ainda who acreditar, mas em oração por todos! Que Deus abençoe a family of children! 19 pic.twitter.com/RcBsdH3GME

– Vinicius Jr ⚡️ (@ vini11Oficial) February 8, 2019

According to the government of Rio de Janeiro, a formal investigation of the fire is expected to begin again. . Club President Rodolfo Landim came to the scene this morning and said:

This is truly the biggest tragedy this club has ever experienced in its 123-year history of the lives of those 10 people lost. The most important thing now is to try to minimize the suffering and pain of these families who really suffer a lot and ensure that Flamengo takes care of it and will not save any effort to minimize this. We cooperate with the authorities so that they can find the cause of this accident.

In the case of Flamengo's leading team, its match against the city rival Fluminense in the semi-finals of the Rio State on Saturday was postponed due to the tragic events that took place on Friday morning, Rio told the Football Association.

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