LAS VEGAS – Bradley Cooper said that Lady Gaga is "kind of a revelation" in A star is born.

A star is born shot directly into the meeting discussion at CinemaCon, the theater owners annual convention on Tuesday. But Joanne the singer was not the only clear standard when Cooper unveiled his first looking look at the project

Cooper has spent three years on the project writing the script, ruling as well as sings live onstage in concert venues for the modern reconstruction of the classic Hollywood story.

"It's a big swing, but you can not control what's about you," says Cooper from history, speaking from the CinemaCon scene. "It wrapped around me."

He said it was Gaga who insisted on singing live in the movie.

"She said," What I can not stand in movies is when it's played and you can see that they are lip sync. We are going to sing live. "" Cooper recalled.

It is one of the biggest, most scary challenges in the film. The two performed, with Cooper playing guitar, in front of real festivals like Stagecoach, Coachella and England's Glastonbury.

In Glastonbury in 2017, Cooper was also able to introduce Kris Kristofferson to the stage of the film. (Kristofferson played in 1976 version of One star was born with Barbra Streisand.)

Cooper said that the song solo on stage was the scary thing. "

" But I did Elephant Man for 398 performances on Broadway, "said Cooper." Either do you feel comfortable at one stage or not. And it really paid. "

In addition, he had Lady Gaga as a personal instructor.

" She said you will be a musician and you will make me as comfortable as you can on the screen, "said Cooper." was a good byte. "

The relationship paid in the trailer with raw performances with Gaga who plays an insecure artist Ally and her famous musician mentor Jackson Maine.

Here are some of CinemaCon's social media reactions:

A star is born will be released in affordable date – October 8th.

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