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Boston Celtics Beat Chicago Bulls with 56 points on his own floor

So, ah, it was not really good for the Bulls last night, because they played their second game for so many days, at home against the hot and better-rested Boston Celtics. It took the bulls more than six minutes to make their first point, a free throw; They were 18 before they made a real field goal. It only got worse from there. The result: a 56-point home loss, the most inclined margin of defeat in the franchise's history.

The statistics are hilarious; The box's score looks like it comes from two different sporting events, which for all practical purposes may be as good. For example: Boston used 1

1 different players in the game, and eight of them did at least two pointers; As a team, Celtics made nearly as many three (22) as the bulls tried (24). The Celtics dished out 34 assists against only seven transactions; The bulls helped 16 baskets and twisted the ball over 15 times. Daniel Theis went for 22-10-5-4, as if he was Anthony Davis or a little crazy.

Anyway, let's look at some baskets that Bulls did. Here are Lauri Markkanen, Justin Holiday and Wendell Carter Jr., you defend (?) A little tricky change-out action that leads to a backdoor slice for Theis:

And here are four Bulls players standing straight up looking at Marcus Morris blows by Robin Lopez for an undisputed dunk:

Here are some, you're super duper, not a good transitional defense of which three bulls are here:

The attempted box-out is especially fun.
GIF: NBA.com

And here's just a fanny's champion class in how to play two-way basketball extremely hard and hard:

How does this look when a lot of basketball players who have already shot a bigger ass feel that Not even personal pride is a particularly convincing motivation. The bulls have already got a coach fired this season; can i argue that their problems persist, ah, unresolved?

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