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‘Borderlands 3’ is in a moment of near perfection, no more nerds, just a few more buffs

It has been a long time since Borderlands 3 has been in a state so good when it comes to class and sub-class balance between characters. Nerfs to Mayhem 10 Enemy’s health and buffs for many weapons and skills have resulted in the best emotional game since the late days of Mayhem 4 before Mayhem 2.0 arrived. While I think 2.0 needs work, I would recommend a very clear thing to Gearbox that is moving forward here.

No more nerfs.

Seriously, although there are recently strong buildings in the wake of action skills, but I highly recommend, simply … leave everything in peace.


7;s Iron Bear is now an absolute monster for the first time … pretty much ever. This has always been an action skill that has hit compared to other classes, and it has felt useful for a few weeks out of the nine months or Borderlands 3 has been out, it’s time to leave it in peace.

Similarly, people are figuring out how to do major damage that Amara Melee is rebuilding for the first time in about eight months. Some of these are stupidly strong, but it should definitely be left in peace, as this is the first time melee has been viable in ages, thanks to the latest scaling buffers and the new Guardian Rank skill that further amplifies neck injuries (and even does it to kind of okay on non-Amara characters).

I think we are very, very close to perfect, and there is just a little more work to do if you ask me.

Zane clone buffs are a good start. It is more powerful, but not broken, but I think we definitely need to see SNTL buffers also in terms of the damage to which it is exposed, as it is pitiful compared to both the clone and Zane himself. Zane also needs 95% of his class mods buffered so people can use things other than Seein ‘Dead.

Amara’s band like Bind overrides everything else in her arsenal, and although I don’t think it should be nerfed, I think we need to see some action skills for her other two skills, as they remain little more than lubrication triggers.

FL4K is in a better place than most people give him credit for, as he is still the best boss hunter in the game. But he has a serious need for pet damage, because despite the limits of action skills, it is still cross-border to create something approaching a reasonable pet building, even if it is thought to be the core of his class. Actually, I don’t think there’s ever been a moment in the whole game where a FL4K pet building was truly amazing.

Moze. Moze is perfect now. Do nothing. Maybe make some better ointments for her.

But we are so near a huge amount of weapons, skills and buildings that are viable in Borderland 3’s playoffs and it feels good. Just a little more work to go, and none of that work requires nerfing anything.

I still think Gearbox needs to add a fourth skill tree for each class at some point, but of course it will turn everything upside down. But for now, we’re almost there.

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