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Border patrol staff share unofficial coin care for migrants: report

Some members of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) divide copies of an unofficial commemorative coin that seems thick on migrant child care, according to a ProPublica story published Friday.

The report found that the members of the Office working in California and Texas have shared the "challenge coin", which is engraved on one side to show a crowd of "residents" with an inscription that reads "Keep the caravans coming".

The other side of the coin has the words "processing", "hospital", "transport" and "feeding" engraved in capital letters, with pictures of the functions.

The coin is engraved with the official logo of the authority.

ProPublica said government officials said the coin was not approved or paid by the government.

An aforementioned official who confirmed his existence to ProPublica described it as a side project that became popular among some agents.

"Much of the agents have a little hobbies on the side, they build small three-digit numbers they have at home," said the official, saying that the coin was "something someone does in their spare time".

ProPublica noted that it was unclear who had created the coin or how copies of it had circulated among some CBP agents.

CBP told ProPublica in a statement that the use of the coin would be investigated because it had the CBP logo.

"US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has a fixed policy for the use and production of challenge coins that carry CBP identifiers," the agency said through a spokesman. "The coin in question is not an officially approved CBP coin. CBP intends to investigate the issue and decide when all the facts are known. "

CBP did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill.


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