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Bob Myers had a mandate for Steve Kerr's phone call with DeMarcus cousins

OAKLAND – Relax, Warriors fans, DeMarcus cousins ​​do not come to Bay Area to scratch the good vibes around your favorite NBA team. There are more than five million reasons that he wants you to believe it.

When the cousins ​​reached out to warrior architect Bob Myers 1

7 days ago to see if the defending masters would be interested in their services, Myers stopped. Not to examine their own thoughts without consulting the all-stars who would share the changing room with a man who was perceived as a talented love of dynamite.

The answers, resoundingly and across the board were yes. Coach Stephen Curry wrote off. Draymond Green was easy; He always stalks new talent. Klay Thompson is easier because he is natural without maintenance.

As for Kevin Durant, he also paused. He had a question: He comes for $ 5 million?

When Myers responded that the cousins ​​were actually willing to accept the team's taxpayer of $ 5.3 million taxpayers, Durant was sold. He said that was all he needed to know.

Cousins, 27, have earned about 80 million dollars during their eight-year career. His salary last season in New Orleans was just over 18 million dollars. Once upon the free trade market in July, he had to know, although he came to surgery for his Achilles tendon, teams would be willing to offer at least half as much to a proven star. Yes, even with his "luggage".

But there was hardly today 2 of his free agency and went to the warriors at a deeply discounted price.

"When he made the gesture he wanted to come to our team, it's not a word. It's an act, Myers said Thursday after cousins ​​were introduced as a warrior." It says "I want to win and the money is not the most important. "

" You do not come to our team if you want to be the highest painter or you want statistics. We are not the right place. We are the place to come if you want to win. "

The Wars has reached the NBA final four consecutive seasons and won three championships. They went through the cousins' former team, New Orleans, in the final game on their way to the title last month.

Cousins ​​could not play because of his injury, but he could experience the late season, though vicariously, for the first time.

"This is just a chance to play for a winning culture," said cousins. "I also have a chance to play with some of the most talented players in this time. The two things alone sum it up a lot."

The cousins ​​reputation is for someone who plays with a chip on his shoulder that sometimes be harmful. He has twice been suspended to go beyond the league's technical threshold. He has spared a coach, jabbed with the media.

Almost all these moments were in Sacramento, with the unfortunate kings whose last winning season was 2006 when the cousins ​​were 15 years old.

Cousins ​​usually performed last season, and being on a winning team was likely to be a factor.

"In a winning culture and a winning environment, I think we all behave a bit better," said Myers. "Sometimes when it's not going, it's harder. He has seen a side of the NBA as many of our players have never seen. There's growth that comes with it. There's growth with being someone after leaving his freshman year and comes to NBA as a high voter and is expected to lead a team like a (19 or 20 year old). It's an adjustment for someone. We would all go through it differently.

"He is now at the forefront of his life and his career where he has seen the difficult side to play basketball professionally. Although he has made a lot of money and made a lot, he wants to win. "

The cousins ​​are a productive player who thrives successfully, seems to be the popular opinion. His former general with pelicans, Dell Demps, expressed so much on The Warriors Insider Podcast this week . Hall of Fame watched Gary Payton, who spent a lot of time with cousins ​​during the Olympics, agrees.

So, of course, cousins ​​who have been in contract with many of his new teammates hope to establish a larger report. a large group of guys, easily accessible people, maybe outside of Draymond, "he said laughingly." But that's a good group. I think we will measure well. "

They will need because that's the only way the cousins ​​get a win from his game of $ 5.3 million.

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