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"Blue Wednesday" in Chicago as a union stands against "anti-police" mayor Emanuel

It is called "Blue Wednesday" in Chicago, because the city's brotherhood policy organized a unified public demonstration against mayor Rahm Emanuel, as the FOP calls "anti-police".

During the city's regular city council Wednesday morning, members of the police federation highly ranked a strong worded statement against Emanuel, where FOP claims that the mayor has "lowered his back" in his police department by being more concerned about "pandering to the polishing media" and through to allow the United States Civilian Freedom Union to have its seat at the negotiating table.

  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel talks in an interview at the City Hall in Chicago, Illinois, USA, June 14, 2017. REUTERS / Joshua Lott - RC1AED95A1B0

Chicago's Fraternal Police Order organized a unified public demonstration against Mayor Rahm Emanuel, as FOP calls "anti-policy".


A protest organized by police was tense at the City Hall. A woman was apparently excited about a demonstrator marching with police officers.

The Polish police's Chicago Lodge 7, which says it represents about 15,000 active and retired members, recently sent a message to all its members to attend Wednesday's City Council to demand "mayor Rahm Emanuel return policy".

The move is due to Chicago's latest decision to put officer Robert Rialmo on a non-payment status for a fatal shooting 2015, which was considered unjustified by the board but ruled by the Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

  Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and police superintendent Eddie Johnson arrive at the scene of Rahm's speech on the city's surplus in Chicago, Illinois, USA, September 22, 2016. REUTERS / Jim Young - S1BEUCVXLHAB

The move is due to the Chicago Police Board Latest decision to put officer Robert Rialmo on an unpaid thousand for a fatal shooting 2015 that was considered unjustified by the board – but was ruled as motivated by the Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson (left).


Emanuel does not sit on the Independent Chicago Police Board, which ruled Rialmo's work status. A mayor of the mayor responded to some of FOP's allegations.

"When you have people on both sides of the police reform question, it is a sign we knock it down in the middle of the fairway as we continue building trust between officers and residents, ensuring monitoring and accountability and giving officials the tools and training they need to be proactive in law enforcement, "said spokesman.

The tension between Emanuel and his police department has increased in recent years – began in 2015, when a video was released showing that Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shot a 17-year-old teenage armed with a small knife 16 times. The protection occurred in 2014, but the video was held by the prosecutor's office until a journalist fought for his release.

The audience was upset by the video and eventually Emanuel dismissed his police chief, Garry McCarthy. McCarthy, now driving to Emanuel for mayor, has said that Emanuel "threw him under the bus."

The city also included an exclusive agreement with ACLU, where officials must fill in reports for each stop and fresh they are involved, which the police say is a useful move to use statistics against them.

Emanuel is at the heart of his third term as mayor in Chicago. FOP's general move against him can serve as a tag in his side, just nine months before the election.

Chicago City is also in the process of completing a conscience with the federal government that will provide a federal court over the police department in Chicago.

The Declaration of Conformity came under the Obama administration because of allegations of racism and police brutality. A month-long DOJ pattern and practice survey concluded CPD requires a comprehensive review of exercise and sensitivity.

Chicago police said the decree is a lab for even more police policy.

Matt Finn is a Fox News correspondent based in Chicago. Follow him on Twitter: @MattFinnFNC

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