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Bloodstained: The Ritual of the Night Beginners Guide

Bloodstained: Night of the Night is a side scrolling adventure game from Koji Igarashi, best known for his similar work, Castlevania: Night Symphony . As his predecessor, Bloodstained has dozens of winding spaces to explore, filled with a host of enemies, objects and secrets.

If you're new to this style of game or just need some tips for getting started, Polygon's Bloodstained: New beginner's guide will help you do it all night.

How To Get An Excessive Gun In The Early Game

You'll find dozens of weapons all the time in Bloodstained but you can buy your chosen strong weapons early in the game.

Once you've gone through the game's intro and you've set up a shop with Johannes in the city of Arvantville you will eventually get to the game's main castle. To get there you have to run through the city and take over a bridge. When you are on the bridge, you have to lower its bridge to get to the castle. Before you do, take a detour under the bridge.

When you have lost the bridge, drive all the way to the left. There you will find a coffin behind a secret wall that contains an 8-bit coin . You can use these coins to buy rare items in the game's business, as John runs.

  A list of weapons in a department store

Most of these weapons are wise puns
ArtPlay / 505 Games

] When you are back in their store, roll to the bottom of John's arms list to see them powerful weapons you can buy. Keep in mind that 8-bit coins are a limited resource, so choose wisely. Even these are not the strongest weapons in the game, but they are good to use in the beginning.

There is no definite recommendation on what to choose here. However, we suggest that you decide which weapon you like first before you drop a coin on one of these overruled weapons.

Which Beards Go Early

Bloodstained s enemies are not just there to fight you through. Most of them give you access to shards driving up Miriam. Shards have different effects, and some of them offer passive buffs or allow you to make special attacks. While these randomly emerge from defeated enemies, the more you collect in each cut, the stronger they become. You can also compare them at John's store, but gathering them naturally is an easy way to strengthen your arsenal.

With dozens of shards to choose from, it is difficult to decide who to stick to. Thankfully, one of the best and easiest to farms is available early in the game.

  A blue and white map screen

Just go in and out of this rescue point to the farm Barbatos shards
ArtPlay / 505 Games

Barbatos creature gives you ] True Arrow Shard that lets you hit a volley of arrows on your enemies for 30 magic points. The more shards you collect from Barbatos, the higher its score, which increases the strength. You can also increase a shard rank in John's store. You have to hand over dropped items from enemies to increase a shard ranking. Higher rows increase capacity capability.

This arrowhead enemy occurs at different places at the beginning of the match, but their main venue is right next to the rescue point in the castle entrance. This is the best place to bid on their sharpness, as you can attack it with its unique attack, kill it in a single hit and when you have ended magic points you can turn around, activate save the point to replenish your magic points, go out into the room and kill it again.

In a few minutes you will be able to get your True Arrow Shard's grade up some levels with little effort (we managed to get it up to fifth rank pretty fast). While you can find other Shard attacks that you like more, this is one of the heaviest hits you can get in the opening hours of the game – and it's one of the easiest to launch.

Fixed? Talk to Dominique

The world of Bloodstained is great and twisting. You will find yourself all over the map, backtracking when you get new abilities and of course get lost when you figure out where to go next. You may be frustrated if you are not sure where to go. Fortunately, one of the game's non-player characters will give up pretty simple tips if you talk to her.

Once you have set up your home base in Arvantville you will be able to visit Dominique, the exorcist you meet when you land in town. While offering her own items in her shop, she will also give you tips on where to go next after beating one of the castle's first bosses, Zangetsu.

  A woman in the church's garb gives a little

Dominique's clues are quite straight
ArtPlay / 505 Games

After that meeting, she will mention her journey through the castle. When he discusses his whereabouts, Dominique will tell you how he passed through areas that you cannot originally move through. Her clues usually identify the location of a manager in different areas. For example, when you are looking for the double jump, she will mention the "shrine to the printed word", which would be the library Livre Ex Machina.

If you ever feel unsure how to proceed, talk to Dominique. Her clues may refer to a place you haven't visited yet, but as long as you keep her clue in mind, you will know that you have to hunt for a boss at which point she is referring.

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