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Blindfolded Utah teen crashes his car while exercising the "Bird Box" challenge

The challenge, where people move while they carry blindfolds, derives from the Netflix movie "Bird Box". In the movie Starring Sandra Bullock, characters have bindings to avoid seeing a mysterious force that inspires the latest viral internet challenge.

Utah police responded to the crash involving a 17-year-old in Layton on Monday, police said Lt. Travis Lyman to CNN affiliate KSL.

"As part of this Bird Box Challenge," (the driver) she used as part of her pants to pull over her eyes as she drove on the Layton Parkway, and she stopped losing control of her car and slipping into western lanes. by Layton Parkway and hit another car and finally ended up with a light pole, Lyman says.

"Bird Box Challenge While Driving … Predictable Results," Layton Police tweeted Friday.

Police did not identify teens, but said she was driving a pickup truck with a 1

6-year-old passenger. No damage was reported.

Netflix warned its viewers against the "Bird Box" challenge this month.

"We do not know how it started, and we appreciate love, but boy and girl have only one desire for 2019 and that is that you do not end up in the hospital because of memes," Netflix tweeted.

In Colorado, the police predict that some drivers will try to challenge and warn them in advance. .

"Inadvertently, someone will make the monumental stupid thing that runs while it's blindfolded," said a patrol rider in Colorado in a video clip last week. "We shouldn't have to say this, but we will: Don't run tied together."

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