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Bills rookie Josh Allen begins next preseason game, makes his case to start the job

Josh Allen was number 7 in 2018 NFL Draft and the third quarterback after Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold. Josh Rosen (10th overall) and Lamar Jackson (32th overall) were also the first rounds, and allen seemed to have the easiest way to start a job this season, but he was also considered to be the rawest.

In question: Although the bills went up from No. 12 to No. 7 to draft him, Allen's college number at Wyoming was pedestrian; He finished only 56.3 percent of his passing last season, ranking 72 in the country in passing efficiency, and fought for better teams. And that's why there has been a healthy skepticism about Allen will ever approach something similar to a franchise player.

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But it seems that we do not have to wonder about Allen, the NFL Franchise Quarterback, because AJ McCarron, signed this offseason to compete for the job, reported that he had a broken collar during the week's 2 preseason game against the bills. There are also 201

7 fifth-rounder Nathan Peterman, who shortly replaced since-Tyrod Taylor starts in November in November and quickly threw five missions on 30 minutes of football.

That brings us to second-year coach Sean McDermott, who told reporters Monday morning, "(Josh) will work with them and Nate will work with twos today. We're up with the rotation. Nate had the recombinations with them yesterday. Josh will get them today. After today, we start moving into a mix to a normal week when we prepare for the next game. Part of it is that our players can be acclimatized to the routine of a regular regular season. "[19659002] Later on Monday, the team announced that Allen will start their next previous year's game.

By two preseason games, Allen has finished 18 of 32 passes for 176 meters with two touchdowns and no turnover. It's hard not to be fascinated by his arm strength and athleticism:

And this is this nugget from Pro Football Focus: "Everybody leads the league in rushing grade among quarterbacks this year's previous year at 79.4, an average of 4.0 meters after contact by berry … [and has] a 113.8 matches ratings for 2.5 seconds or more, the 10th best mark among signal callers this preseason. "

These are all good signs of the bills, a team that made the final game last season for the first time since 1999. But there is still a long way to go. First, Buffel's schedule for the first two months of the season is brutal – the first eight games are against Ravens, Chargers, Vikings, Packers, Titans, Texans, Colts and Patriots.

And secondly, we are reminded of these words from 1999 first overall choose Tim Couch:

"It's a big hope, "said Couch at the beginning of the training camp, talking about Brown's first overall pick Baker Mayfield. "I do not care about how high a level you played at college. I played in the SEC, a very fast conference, a very physical conference, but it was still a big jump because I got used to the game speed and the size of the players and just learn how complex defense can get. "… [B] It's very basic right now. Even during the preseason they will be the basic look they give you. When the season goes on you get more complex looks, and it gets harder and harder on a beginner quarterback. So you have to take these guys slowly, especially when you are on soccer teams who have not had much success. "

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