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Bills need more than a quarterly change to turn charger

Josh Allen takes over the quarterback will not be enough for Buffalo Bills to beat Los Angeles Chargers.

Josh Allen Begins Before Nathan Peterman Will Not Suit For Buffalo Bills To Get Their First Victory In Week 2. The bills need more than a quarterback change to beat Los Angeles Chargers on the New Era Field.

Like the bills, chargers were losers in week 1. But LA has enough talent on both sides of the ball to bounce back from coming up briefly in a shooting game against the capable Kansas City Chiefs.

On the other hand, the bills can not only blame foul quarterback games for their seasonal opening loss. Baltimore Ravens hammered Buffalo 47-3 by sacrificing a suspicious secondary.

Joe Flacco shredded the group by targeting new recipients Michael Crabtree, Willie Snead and John Brown. Flacco was barely annoyed by an anemic passrush when joining Crabtree for three points.

This is not meant to happen with a defense directed by Sean McDermott. The buffalo coach should worry about what charges QB Philip Rivers and recipients Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Antonio Gates will do to his D & # 39; s.

Rivers hit an animal picking late against Chiefs, but he also stacked 424 meters and three touchdowns. Allen, one of the best runners in the game, took eight of the Rivers pass for 1

08 yards and one point.

A buffalogue seven who lacks a standout edge rusher has to come up with subtle ways to disturb rivers

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McDermott will also need a plan for the double rush that drives Melvin Gordon. He accounted for 166 total laps against KC, including 102 on nine receptions.

The charges have the weapon to force Allen into a shootout, just as McDermott wants the seventh overall pick of this year's draft to avoid.

Everyone does not want to let himself go too often for a displacement that can leave him black and blue, even without Joey Bosa:

did not stop the chargers from pushing their pocket in week 1:

Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley used the top pick Derwin James creatively on the flash. The versatile safety got his first professional bag. At the same time, Melvin Ingram is still a force from the edge.

Ladders' ability to heat up is bad news for a Bill's O-line overwhelmed in Baltimore. Six bags and lots of hits were handed in week 1, so Allen had to tighten his chinstrap extra hard.

Establishment of the race would help, but it will not be easy to get a defensive charger that allows 3.9 meters per rush against Chiefs. LeSean McCoy and Chris Ivory should not expect to find a lot of joy against Bradley's stacked four-man front.

Not being able to lean on the track will force Allen to chance his arm against a secondary with not only James but also Casey Hayward and Jahleel Addae. If ever the word "recipe for disaster" is applied.

The bills do not have enough game exchange talent in key positions to try to get a newbie. That's why making a change at the center will not be translated magically to a first profit.

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