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Biggest Weekend Swansea: Things We Learned From The Scenes

Ed Sheeran kicked off things at The Biggest Weekend in Swansea, while it was up to Florence and The Machine to close the festival.

Brand new acts were played at the introductory stage, while Bastille probably got the largest audience in tents.

There was rain, sun and lots of clay, but you know everything.

From Ed Sheeran's pub dream to Liam Payne's tunnel-casual wardrobe, here are some of the things Newsbeat discovered behind the scenes at Singleton Park.

King Ed

So let's start with Ed. You may have heard the stories that he has an underground pub in his house in Suffolk.

That's not true. Still.

"I have a bar at the moment but I'm building a pub," he told Newsbeat.

"I hate the idea of ​​drinking children so when I have them I want to put them in bed and just walk over the garden with a friend and have some pints.

He says he has invited many people to Visit him, but only one of his famous friends has appeared so far.

"I think Taylor is the only person who said she would come and actually have," said Ed.

One size fits everyone on Liam and Cheryl's

While Liam Payne talked fashion, he acknowledged that he tried some new things recently.

"I never saw it came but I had a harvest on the second day of a football with another t-shirt beneath, "He told us fresh from the scene in Swansea.

" The It's home when our clothes come back from the dry cleaners, sometimes they put in the wrong closet and I end up with a pair of Cheryl pants.

"And it's O K if you can rock them. I can fit into them, it's a pretty nice feeling and we're okay."

"Who's wearing the pants but? That's what everyone wants to know is not it? "

Sam Smith has some plan solution

Sam Smith acknowledged that he has not looked at the second series of 1

3 Causes, even though his boyfriend Brandon Flynn starred in the show. 19659002] "He has not seen it yet either, so we'll look at it together," he told us before his title on Saturday night.

He must do it himself, but Brandon's character Justin does not have an easy time. ] "We're going to binge-watch it. is what I did with the first one. I was with him when he filmed a lot of it so I know it's tough.

Steel Banglez is a busy man

The London-born producer, songwriter and DJ have been working hard.

"Drakes boss collected me at the moment, so hopefully I'm on his new album. I've sent him 35 punches, so I'm sure Drake must like one of them, "he revealed.

And it's not the only massive star he's working with.

" I was in Tape Studio – like is a nightclub in London – and the engineer did not go to the studio. So fortunately I got into the studio with Justin Bieber and his band. We did a whole session. "

Hailee Steinfeld Loves Backstreet Boys

Earlier this year, Hailee Steinfield was seen with Niall Horan and watched Backstreet Boys at a concert in Las Vegas.

" It was so good, "she says." I grew up hearing his music and it was great to be there. "

One of the biggest boyfriends, their first single released in 1995, two years before 21-year-old Hailee was also born.

" Every show in Vegas is incredible to see, no matter who it is. It hit after hit and I actually knew more songs than I thought I did.

Hailee and Niall, who are supposed to see each other, practiced both on the same day in Biggest Weekend.

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