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Two more employees have been diagnosed with coronavirus at Kona Community Hospital.

KCH confirmed the news in a press release on Wednesday afternoon. The new cases lead to a total number of confirmed cases at the hospital to three. All employees are quarantined at home, says the release.

The hospital will hold a COVID-19 test clinic on site to test all hospital staff for potential hospital exposure. Testing is mandatory for KCH and affiliated employees, doctors and all contractors working at the hospital. The testing is not open to the public.

The hospital manager and the department for infection prevention in KCH contacted Dr. Scott Miscovich of Premier Medical Group Hawai’i to help perform a pop-up testing site for staff, the release said.

Broad-scale testing of all personnel is a proactive measure to provide an immediate and accurate picture of personnel who may be exposed to the COVID-1

9 virus. The pop-up model is the approved best practice for facilities that have identified COVID19-positive personnel, says KCH.

A secondary test date is being coordinated for later this weekend to accommodate screening of hospital families and “ohana, hospital visitors and discharged patients who may be worried about potential exposure while in the hospital.”

“No one is exempt,” said KCH’s acting CEO Jay Kreuzer. “We do tests on all employees because it is the right thing to do. It is the best way to ensure the safety of our staff, our patients and our community. ”

A traveling doctor at Ka’ū Hospital was also diagnosed with COVID-19 last week. Contact tracing tests have not yet identified any new cases linked to the doctor.

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