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Beyoncé stops wardrobe error at Coachella

Beyoncé asked, "Can you hold?" When she reunited with Destiny's Child, she sang her hit "Lose My Breath" on Coachella. And the answer to that question was a clear "no" from her amazing look.

The 36-year-old singer rocked five custom Balmain looking for her expected headlining performance at the California Music Festival on Saturday night, including a camo body suit with thigh high boots. But the fans who saw the concert from home noted that Beyoncé seemed to have some trouble with his outfit. While Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined the scene, she saw some choreography with a hand over her belt to prevent unwanted exposures.

Completed the pop star again while dancing with her sister Solange again. on her belt as her knee boots became loose and fell to her ankles.

Not surprisingly, Twitter had some thoughts on the issue.

Another addition: "These twins gave Beyonce a more bangin body than she already had! Homegirl almost had a wardrobe freak! Designers: Beyoncé needs more cupboard space!"

Others praised Beyoncé for being a total pro by Do not miss a blow while there was no Janet Jackson moment.

"I'll never be over Beyoncé makes the entire Get Me Bodied expanded dance break while fighting for a wardrobe error," wrote a fan.

Designer Olivier Rousteing made all five appearances in collaboration with the singer, the stylist Marni Senofonte and the rest of Bey's team.

Exploring the inspiration behind the clothes told Rousteing Vogue that Beyoncé "sought something in military style" because "the performances were about survivors."

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While all the apparel apparently received Queen Bey's approval, it was a sight, especially to catch the attention of JAY-Z's man. [19659002] "Jay saw the Egyptian goddess apple and when B put on, his eyes broke wide and he was so excited, he said," Oh, wow! "It gave me a lot of satisfaction," the designer told the outlet.

And she's not ready yet. Rousteing also told Vogue that he has made a completely separate collection of looking for the singer to wear next week during her second Coachella performance.

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