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Beth Bowlen wants to be Broncos ruling owner. Pat Bowlen Trust says she is "not competent or qualified".

Pat Bowlen Trust said Thursday that Beth Bowlen, the second oldest daughter of lawyer Pat Bowlen, is currently unable to lead the franchise despite her wish to.

Beth Bowlen announced in a press release on Thursday that she threw her hat in the ring to become owner of Broncos and told The Athletic she had "fulfilled the criteria set by the trustees so I felt it was a good time to come out and express my interest and desire to be part of the organization again "and presented a follow-up plan. However, the message is contrary to his father's succession plan.

"Pat did not designate Beth as a trustee or appointed her senior executive and did not instruct the administrators to specifically mentor her. He made clear that his children did not automatically qualify for a role with the team and that they would need to earn that opportunity through its achievements, qualifications and character, "said Pat Bowlen Trust in a press release.

"As a trustee who honors Pats clear wishes, we have carefully evaluated whether Beth can succeed with her father as controlling owner. We have decided that she is not competent or qualified right now."

Pat Bowlen Seven Children from Two marriage, range between the ages of 20 and 48 years. Beth Bowlen, 47, is one of two children from Pats first marriage to Sally Parker.

Pat Bowlen presented his resignation to NFL as controlling owner in 201

4 due to Alzheimer's disease. He made responsibility for law decisions to trust a three-person: Broncos CEO / CEO Joe Ellis, Group Advisor Rich Slivka and Local Attorney Mary Kelly.

"As a manager and a Pat appointed to oversee his team, I have a huge responsibility for cautiously managing his succession plan and making decisions in Broncos best," said Ellis. "We continue to follow PAT's drawing – and nobody else's – while keeping our focus as an organization on a successful season".

Ellis is the controlling owner and is Broncos representative at NFL meetings and manages team day to today's decision.

In February 2015, Pat Bowlin's wife, Annabel and his seven children, sent a document describing criteria to be considered to control the owner. The document stated that even if a Bowlen child fulfilled the criteria, which included "Leadership Experience" in at least five years, leadership and integrity qualifications, it would not guarantee him or her controlling ownership.

In a news, Beth Bowlen released, "I have recommended the managers that I'm ready and have done everything they said I have to do to take this step. Working in the leadership of Broncos is something I have prepared and dreamed of make. "

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