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Best ways to rebuild Shinsuke Nakamura's Momentum After WrestleMania 2018

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AJ Styles spelled a massive challenge from Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans on Sunday to retain the WWE Championship.

Finish a back and forth deal, Nakamura tried to finish the match by tapping the Kinshasa knee. However, Styles resisted and in some way Nakamura got the place for Styles Clash. Styles hit his finisher and earned the trap:

Nakamura was not gracious in the defeat. While kneeling at hand Styles the WWE championship in what seemed to be a sportsmanship show, Nakamura delivered a low beat and kicked styles out of the ring:

Nakamura completed his aftermath attack with a Kinshasa for styles on the outside.

Nakamura was potentially at risk of fading in spite of his amazing result, but WWE undoubtedly has the means to help him bounce back from the loss and remain close to the top of the card. At least, the rivalry between Nakamura and Styles is far from.

WWE does not have the biggest record of running foreign stars in the main event and keeping them there for a long time. In fact, one can argue that the authors struggled to present Nakamura effectively until he won the Royal Royal.

Although Nakamura had victories over John Cena and Randy Orton lost a sweep to Jinder Mahal.

The artist did not get much microphone or ability to convey his character to the WWE Universe, which forced the fans to dig in Nakamura's past to really understand why he is so special.

Things began to change during the building of WrestleMania, because Nakamura had several interactions with styles and broadened depths on his persona.

Mostly, Nakamura tried to play the game with The Phenomenal One by constantly telling him that he would beat him at the appearance of immortality with a knee to the face.

Two weeks before WrestleMania, Nakamura had a chance to put out styles with a Kinshasa, but he voted against it, which showed he had effect.

Although Nakamura became short in his attempt to become a champion, WWE must continue to book him in a similar way instead of just telling the fans that he is "unique" and expects that they take the company at nominal value without any evidence or effort.

No matter how WWE builds Nakamura, his ringing performance at WrestleMania shows that he can hold and retain WWE Universe on his side by simply putting on memorable matches against other top

One of the biggest keys to rebuild Nakamura momentum will find him an ideal opponent to sweep over in the next few weeks and months.

Nakamura has largely been sweeping everyone on SmackDown Live, but with a Superstar Shake-up on the horizon, there could be some new blood infused in the blue brand soon, or Nakamura may switch to Raw.

The biggest wild card in the mix is ​​SmackDown general manager Daniel B Ryan, who is back in the week as an active call contestant.

Both Nakamura and Bryan have talked openly about their desire to meet each other and a rivalry between them would go far to get Nakamura back in a position where he could challenge and win the title.

It is possible that WWE is waiting for SummerSlam to match this caliber, especially since it is unclear exactly how often Bryan will compete after so much time away from the ring.

Although a transition fever before that is possible, WWE can not afford to let Nakamura fall in a box in much the same way he did when he feuded with Mahal.

Still their rivalry with Styles for a pay overview or two would solve that problem as they are guaranteed to have good matches, but the best way to ensure that Nakamura stops and continues to be seen as one of WWE's franchisees is based on a dream match against Bryan in the near future.

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