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Best Things to do in Nottingham


Nottingham is so much more than the legend of Robin Hood. It’s a historic city that’s great for both a weekend visit and for a long stay. From amazing party locales to spot-on breweries, and even for excellent venues for organizing all sorts of events, Nottingham is a great place to explore.


Experience Contemporary Art

Nottingham has one of the finest contemporary art galleries in the entire UK, which is aptly named Nottingham Contemporary. It’s often considered a gallery without an equal, and it’s where you go to find not only amazing works of art but also all sorts of artistic events. From film screenings to talks held by artists, and even musical performances, all set in a very iconic building.


Be part of living history

The National Justice Museum is a former jail and a courtroom from the 1

5th century, which is where you’ll find exhibits and tours on one of the city’s most haunting parts of history. Here you’ll find all about the condemned and imprisoned people that were left to anguish in the dark, and you’ll be part of unique themed events like banquets and murder mysteries.


Focus on doing business

Nottingham is not only a place for leisure and fun. It’s an excellent spot for organizing a business meeting in an already charming location. Its perfect central location is ideal for attracting delegates from all over the UK, and even abroad. The many Nottingham conference venues will easily accommodate any of your needs, and it’s also very easy to find the best one by using Venuefinder.


Learn about the Legend of Sherwood Forest

Few folk heroes from around the world have attained such an iconic legendary status as Robin Hood. Taking from the rich to give to the poor is an act that will always be associated with Robin Hood, and the fantastic Robin Hood Town Tour is the ideal way to learn just how the legend himself managed to reach that level of notoriety. It’s filled with thrills and excitement, as it features theatrical re-enactments, while the story is told throughout Nottinghamshire.


Explore the Indie District

The Indie District is part of the larger Creative Quarter of Nottingham, and it’s one of the most charming spots in the city. It features many cool and creative bars, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, and more, and it’s an all-around great place to unwind after a day of exploration or professional engagements.


Unwind in an old historic pub

When you’re in Nottingham, it’d be a shame not to visit one of its old landmark pubs, such as Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. This pub is said to be the oldest inn in England, and it has such a cool location, as it’s carved into a cliff. Another amazing inn is The Bell Inn in the Old Market Square, and there are so many others where you can easily have a grand olde time.


Nottingham is such a cool location to explore. Its historical backdrop and overall charm are a joy to experience, and you’ll definitely want to go back for round two.