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Best Strategies to Finalize Microsoft 70-761 Exam: Training Courses and Exam Dumps


Getting ready to ace your upcoming Microsoft certification assessment? Now, stay put as we uncover for you everything about the Microsoft 70-761 exam. In this post, you will learn the best strategies, including tips and resources to take advantage from for your comfortable certification study.

Microsoft and Its Ever-Prominent Certification Exams

Before anything else, let’s have a little preview of the IT certifications’ provider, well-renowned Microsoft. Being in the industry for more than three decades, apparently, it holds the indisputable reputation that only a few companies can set close to. Seeing such standing, earning a certification from them is more than just a validation of your expertise. It gives a positive, forward-leading impact on your IT career.

So, if you want such benefits to accompany you in the professional journey, then don’t think twice and organize your MCSA: SQL 201

6 Database Development certification journey right away.

Fitting Credential for Database Administrators and Developers

Do you want to further amp up your skills as a database administrator or an experienced developer? Great, because you’ve got a perfect treat from Microsoft’s certification program. In particular, exam 70-761 would be the link to heightening your dexterity in SQL Server. So, if you’ve got at least two years of work experience, you are the right individual for this certification test.

Now that you have an idea of what exam 70-761 practice test is all about, it’s time to unravel the ways of acing it.

Uncover Exam Topics’ List

There’s more to know about this test targetingthree topics of querying data with Transact-SQL. With 40-45% of the total coverage, the first one polishes your abilities in managing data via Transact-SQL SELECT queries, using joins for query multiple tables, implementing functions, and both modifying and aggregating data.

Next of the exam items concentrates on specialists’ comprehension of query data with more complex Transact-SQL units. This topic takes up 30 to 35% of the issues’ volume. And in this area of focus, you should demonstrate the ability to successfully query data via subqueries, APPLY, table expressions as well as efficiently utilize queries for various data such as GROUP BY, PIVOT, temporal, and non-relational functions.

The last of the test domains is particularly about your skills in programming database using Transact-SQL statements. For this topic, contesters will learn how to effectively generate database programmability objects, implement data types, and execute error handling and such.

Start Your Exam Prep with Books

You can’t completely grip the exam content if you don’t use proper training materials. The best way to start your preparationtrip is to avail of the exam ref for 70-761. This book published in March 2017 is highly recommended by the vendor to equip specialists with substantial knowledge of the topics, including Transact-SQL data management and programming. Plus, this enhances your critical-thinking abilities, needed in the exam and in the real world.

Benefit from 5-Days’ Training Course

Specifically created for 70-761 exam, this instructor-led learning track is one of the most beneficial training materials offered by Microsoft. It meticulously follows the exam content through comprehensive training and practical labs. Since it is steered by an instructor, database development connoisseurs can easily ask questions and verify any uncertainties concerning the exam. Moreover, they are given the option to attend the class either in person or remotely. Regardless of the choice, they will get the same curriculum and the same level of comprehension.

Get More Insights from Microsoft Online Training

Don’t hesitate to supplement the instructor-led course with another EDX-located free training provided by Microsoft. Running for 6 weeks, this online tool covers expert discussion, demonstration, and hands-on lab led by the corporation experts. With this course’ assistance, studying just 4-5 hours per week, you can gain a profound understanding of querying data via Transact-SQL.

Pair Up Your Preparation with Practice Tests

So, level up your learning by using Microsoft and PrepAway exam dumps. These mock tests will not just help in measuring the readiness but also reveal applicants’ both strong and weak areas. As a result, it’s guaranteed you’ll become fully prepared for the exam.

Microsoft makes available for you its official practice test for 70-761. To seize more opportunities, you can head up to PrepAwayand choose their free exam dumps loaded by previous test takers. Otherwise, you can also invest your time in learning with their premium bundle for Microsoft 70-761 only for $24.99, which includes top-rated questions and answers, study references, and training courses. With all these materials right within your reach, it’s highly likely to complete your exam with flying colors!

Stocktaking for MCSA Certification

Take note that Microsoft has been leaning towards technical certifications for years. Nevertheless, the above MCSA certification and the related exams will soon be phased out and replaced by new, role-based credentials.

Thereby, don’t waste time to follow the above-mentioned strategies, and you’ll be allowed for kicking the next phase of MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development. The second exam you will need to ace is 70-762, which content focuses on developing SQL databases. To add a piece of motivation, get to know that experienced learners advise to start exams’ preparation long beforehand so that you have enough time to relax after the extensive effort.


As a symbol of your ability in querying data with Transact-SQL, Microsoft 70-761 exam is a truly striking investment to your career. More professional prospects will imminently stand out ahead of you once you accomplish this exam and acquire the corresponding MCSA: SQL 2016 Database certification.

So, don’t just rely on your educational background and work experience, but become an evolving system to make sure you incorporate IT certifications into your CV. And without a doubt, most especially with Microsoft complemented with PrepAway exam dumps, you will always be in demand in the domain where innovative trends and updates are an everyday reality.