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Best Nerdiest Gifts You Can Give To Your Geeky Friend This Christmas


With Christmas quickly coming, it is time to begin searching for that special gift for the special nerd or gift in your life. However, this presents its own challenge because your average geek likely has the best toys and gadgets already.

If you want to find a unique gift, you will need to think outside the box. Below is a list of the best gift for your geeky or nerdy friend. These gifts are a combination of practicality with a hint of pop culture. These gifts will surely get your nerdy friend quiver in happiness.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Switch series has now become Nintendo’s most popular gaming console since the Wii, and the best one since N64. If you want the cheaper and more portable version, the Switch Lite is recommended for you. This pure handheld console does not support home play functionality but is best for on-the-go gaming. It is regarded as one of the best handheld systems of the new generation.

Private Internet Access

No present may be more suitable for a geek who spends most of their life on the internet than a virtual private network subscription. Give your nerdy friend some peace of mind of anonymous browsing with a VPN subscription. Partner this gift with a GoDaddy promo code and give your nerdy friend his best Christmas ever.

Super Mario Bros. Pixel Craft

There is no nerd who doesn’t like Super Mario Brothers. This was possibly everyone’s first video game ever played. When you think of Super Mario, you can remember all the fun and amazing memories playing it with this crafty paladrone set. Using various colored magnetic pixel pieces, you can create Mario, Luigi and other characters just as they originally look on the classic 90s game. Paladrones are a good activity that brings people together and an interactive way of bringing memories to life.

There are over 700 magnetic pixels included in the package and they have design patterns that forn no just Mario but also other characters and iconic items such as coins, flower, star, mushroom and the famous question mark blocks. This is an excellent gift for the nerd in your life for the coming holiday season because it is an officially licensed product by Nintendo.

Gaming Glasses

Sometimes the greatest gift for your nerdy friend is the one that looks completely ordinary. Give them gaming glasses that are designed to block harmful radiation from computer screens or gaming TVs. Make sure they have sturdy frames and lenses that react to light – shifting from blue-light reduction amber tint when inside and full sun glasses when outside.

Playstation4 Wood Vinyl Wrap

This premium PS4 is a great way to personalize your friend’s hobby. The console comes in vinyl-wrapped and has two free matching stickers for the controllers – stickers cut into its exact dimensions. The panel comes as a separate part for easy application and a great way of showing off the console to others. The vinyl will be shipped in just three days and is made of the highest quality from Oxford, United Kingdom.

If you are tired of its design and decide to remove it, the skin does not leave any residue upon removal. There are a lot of video tutorials you can watch before putting the vinyl on your console and controllers – guaranteed to help you put everything in its correct place every time. Get media markt coupon discounts on the latest designs and gadgets here.

You Shall Not Pass Doormat

Make your friend feel like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings! This doormat is made of durable, thick coir fibers that can thoroughly clean every shoe and suck moisture at the same time. The print is dyed deeply to ensure a long lasting and crisp image that can stand up to anything wiped or any type of nasty elements that comes with it. It measures 24

5;16 inches which is larger compared to the regular doormats you can buy at the local market. It has a rubber back to ensure it stays in place even in the harshest conditions. Its fibers are made of 100% pure coconut husks which means they are environmentally friendly and are biodegradable. This is the perfect gift for any Lord of the Rings fan out there.

Typewriter Keyboard with LED Backlight

This awesome keyboard is inspired by the traditional typewriters; not only in its antique look, but the keys also have that satisfying click sound when pressed, for that ultimate, retro feel. The keyboard itself is durable and well made, and the keys are clearly of a higher quality than the ones your standard modern keyboard.

Not only that, but there’s a modern twist here, with an LED backlight behind all the keys so they are easy to see in darker lighting. The backlighting has several modes which you can flick between using the Function (Fn) key including adjusting the brightness. Keyboard uses the standard USD connection to hook up to your PC.