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Bernie Sanders: The Americans "will be happy to pay more in taxes" for free care, education

Then. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, continued to defend democratic socialism and argued that the Americans would be "happy to pay more in taxes" if his policies were implemented.

On Wednesday, Sanders tried to choose voters in the ideology of democratic socialism and argued for what he called an "Economic Bill of Rights", where every American would be entitled to things like free care and education. He also insisted that President Trump is a "corporate socialist" to provide billions in company subsidies and tax breaks.

During a look at CNN, the Democratic candidate was asked how he will respond to Trump's assault on the campaign track, especially when the President calls on Venzuela as an example of unsuccessful socialism.

"Look, what we have to understand, for example … The United States is the only great country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people as a right," Sanders explained. "In many countries in Europe, Germany For one, you go to college and the cost of the college is zero. I think in Finland they actually pay you to go to college. In most countries around the world, the income level and inequality of wealth, which in the United States today is worse than at any time since the 1

920s … the level of income and rich inequality is much less serious than it is right here in the United States. "

" But as you know, the taxes in many of these countries are much higher than they are – the individual and personal taxes are much higher than in the United States, Cooper said to the 2020 candidate.


"Yes, but I suspect many people in the country would be happy to pay more in taxes if they had extensive health care as a human right," Sanders. "I live 50 miles from the Canadian border. You go to the doctor anytime you want. You do not take out your wallet. You have heart surgery, you have heart transplant, you come out of the hospital, it costs you nothing. Your children in many countries Around the world can go to the public colleges and universities without tuition, in many cases wages are higher. "

He continued:" So that is a balance, but at the end of the day, I think most will believe that they will get better when the kids have education opportunities without spending their pockets, when they have health care as human right, when they have reasonable housing when they have decent pension security I think most Americans will understand it is a good deal . "

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