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Bernie Sanders campaign staff require more pay

Bernie Sanders has invested in raising the federal minimum wage, but some members of his presidential campaigners want them to start with those they call to do over "poverty wages".

Vermont Senator praised the house for passing a bill that would raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15, while some members of his field staff seem to do more than their current salary.

The Washington Post reports the campaign's union plans to send a letter to the Sanders campaign manager and asks that "Given our campaign's commitment to fight for a minimum of $ 15 an hour's living fee, we think it's just fair to campaign. would implement this commitment for their own field law ".

Posten reports that in the letter it says that field organizers work around 60 hours a week, which reduces wages to about 13 dollars per hour.


Minimum wage in 10 different countries

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# 10: United States
Minimum wage: $ 7.25

# 9: Canada
Minimum wage: $ 9.40

# 8: UK
Minimum wage: $ 10.47

# 7: Netherlands
Minimum wage: $ 11.38

# 6: Ireland
Minimum wage: $ 11.48

# 5: New Zeeland
Minimum wage: $ 11.66

# 4: Belgium
Minimum wage: $ 11.90

# 3: France
Minimum wage: $ 12.64

# 2: Luxembourg
Minimum wage: $ 14.75

# 1: Australia
Minimum Wage: $ 14.98


According to the paper, it is not clear whether Sanders is aware of the wage issue. The financial struggles of some workers have reportedly led them to leave the campaign.

According to a newspaper in a meeting in May with the union, Shakir tried to raise wages but also suggested that the work week be extended to six days.

This [19659000] Negotiations between Shakir and the union appear to be ongoing.

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