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Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Pack at the PDA during the afternoon walk

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Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas“The romance is still going strong. On Saturday afternoon, the dynamic duo were spotted enjoying an afternoon stroll in Los Angeles.

And it seemed like they weren’t quite alone like that Knives out star’s dog joined in on the fun. During the couple’s outdoor walk, the walkers were photographed arm-in-arm and smiling at each other. Also, they were not shy about paparazzi and even packed on PDA.

At one point, the two passionate kissed in the middle of the afternoon walk with Ben wrapping his arm around Anas.


7;s unclear how long the couple was hanging out after considering L.A. executes a “stay at home” order in the middle of the day coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike most people who wear sweat and bag clothes, Ben and Ana kept things stylish with their outdoor clothes.

The actress simply looked chic in her red wine colored velvet jacket, fitted jeans and white sneakers. Her hair was designed in loose waves and she seemed to have minimal makeup.

As for Way back actor, he also kept things dapper but low-key with a carbon colored jacket, denim pants, gray sneakers and a baseball cap.

Earlier this month, a source told them the two were “undoubtedly a couple”, especially after discovering they were cozy in Ana’s hometown of Havana, Cuba and later in Costa Rica.

“They’ve kissed, piled together and put their arms around each other a lot,” shared a source earlier when they took their mini getaway. “They look at each other delightfully and like to take pictures of each other. Ben seems happily happy and fuzzy. He can’t stop smiling and laughing. He is clearly in Ana.”

“They have stayed at home on the beach relaxing,” the insider added. “The weather has been very hot and they are trying to stay cool inside. They have come out on sunset tours every day and look very happy together.”

In addition, the two spent more time with each other after the holiday.

“Ben and Ana are quarantined in his house, where they have been together since returning from Costa Rica,” shared a separate source recently. “They have a simple daily routine that includes walking Ana’s dog and ordering food, which is delivered by postmates. Every other day Ben has visited his children and Ana stays in the house.”

“Ben and Ana look like total love birds. They laugh together and share funny stories. She is very caring and he seems to love it,” the source continued. “They can’t get enough of each other. After days of quarantining and never leaving each other’s pages, they still laugh, smile, kiss and hug.”

From their recent outing, it is clear that things are still going strong.

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