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Xavier, a Liège, tests a different means of transport every day to get to work: here are his conclusions

This is the Mobility Week since Monday. To live it properly, a Liégeois decided to test a different means of transport every day to go to work.

Xavier Ory, 35, challenged himself during this week of mobility. He lives in central Liège and works 12 kilometers from his home. His company is in the zone of Hauts-Sarts, as there are many others in Wallonia. This week he tested every day with different means of transport to go to work. The goal: to show the advantages and limits of each mode of transport. This challenge was initiated by Walloon Union of Enterprises. At the set of RTL INFO Welcome he gives us his conclusions.


– Electric bicycle, travel time: 32 minutes

"When we go back on a bike we also find a small child's soul, we have the opportunity to do sports, exercise rather than sitting in a car, be completely passive and being upset in the traffic jams, cycling, feeling liberated, getting in shape so it was really fun and fun "getting to work" says Xavier. He said that to encourage workers to cycle, infrastructure in companies can be created.

"It may be necessary to have a shower to be fresh when you get to work" assures Liège. In bad weather, it may also be useful to take advantage of other alternatives.

DAY 2 – By train, travel time: 47 minutes

Xavier explains that in order to make his train journey he had to go, which allows interaction with the neighborhood. "It took me longer than driving but I could greet neighbors, interact with commuters and eat lunch on the train" he says. At the end of the train it was more complicated as there is no way to connect Hauts-Sarts. Mobility solutions should be developed from the station, according to him.

DAY 3 – By bus, travel time: 1h16

"Getting to Hauts Sarts by bus is possible, but you have to be motivated: very early on morning and a long walk. Better connections can make this mode of transport more interesting ", assures Xavier

DAY 4 – By car, travel time: 19 minutes

" Getting to Hauts Sarts by car is the preferred solution of the majority of workers, I understand them, I'm not a fan of the steering wheel, even the smallest stops / traffic jams make me nervous, but without credible and effective alternatives, it will be difficult to change attitudes " explains there.

DAY 5 – Telecommunications, travel time: 0 minutes

"Teleworking is a time saver, no movement, so no stress related to it either. The best step is what you do not do, but you have to be flexible, but today I have an important meeting and I will join my vehicle but it could have been with a shared vehicle. " concludes Xavier.

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