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"When bricks are good", Lego parodies Jean-Jacques Goldman

"When the brick is good", Jean-Jacques Goldman's Lego parodies on Youtube – © All rights reserved

A fan of Jean-Jacques Goldman and a Lego fan have decided to join their two passions in original videos called "Lego Goldman"

Everything started in 2005, at which time Jean-Jacques Goldman announced a career break and stopped the concerts. Two Alsatian friends, Maxime Marion (specializing in stop motion) and Jérôme Kloepfer (bricklayer) have collaborated to create an avatar in Lego for the interim period.

These videos are made in stop motion is to say photo after photo. It is a thorough job that takes a lot of time. Ten-second mini-clip requires at least one day's work. In the video "Envole Môa", the two artists even recreated the scene that rises after the recent tour of Jean-Jacques Goldman in 2002.

Jean-Jacques Goldman gave permission for these parody videos: "[1

9659006] This Lego Goldman will always to amaze me and what can I refuse him "he explains to BFM. The singer even maintains an epistolary relationship with his alter ego in Lego.

" It is enough with a brick ", " When the bottle is empty ", all Lego Goldman photos and parody videos can be found on the Whenlabriqueisbonne website [19659007] if (typeof RTBF! = & # 39; undefined & # 39; && RTBF.cookiePolicy && RTBF.cookiePolicy.hasSignedPixelTrackers ()) {
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