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Weather forecast: nice day while waiting to freeze fog

The weather will be calm and sunny this Sunday, after the spread of the possible morning fog. Peaks range from 5 to 10 degrees. It will be slightly cloudy in the evening, before a gradual increase in cloud cover at night, from the west. Minima are between ¬1 and 3 degrees. On Monday, the Royal Meteorological Institute (MRI) predicts the return of rain from the west, followed by variable weather and gradual cooling over the following days.

This Sunday morning there will firstly be a risk of fog, fog and low clouds in the Ardennes. After their spread, the weather remains dry with beautiful periods of sun. The peaks will range from 5 to 7 degrees in the Ardennes and from 8 to 1

0 degrees in the other regions. The wind will be weak from east to southeast, then to northeast.

The sky will be slightly cloudy in the evening. Fogs, freezing fogs and low clouds can once again be formed in the Ardennes. During the night, the sky gradually becomes cloudy from the west of the country. The minimum requirements will range from 1 degree in the high mount to +3 degrees in the west. The wind will be weak from the northeast and return to the south. It will be moderate by the end of the night.

Frozen fog and some flakes at the beginning of the week

Monday, frosty fog is likely in the morning in the Ardennes, warns MR. The weather will be dry at first, but overcast will gradually become very plentiful, then a rain zone will reach the country from the west and touch the east during the afternoon. Maxima will be 5 degrees in High Fens and 7 to 9 degrees in Low and Middle Belgium. The wind will be moderate to fairly strong from the south, orienting south to southwest. Winds are expected up to 70 km / h

On Tuesday, the sky will be partly cloudy with occasional rain or rain. Some flakes are not excluded at the height of the Ardennes. Peaks range from 4 degrees in the eastern highlands to 9 degrees west of the country.

Wednesday morning will be cold with temperatures close to 0 degrees and a risk of freezing fog, especially in the Ardennes. The day will be bright enough with some sun and some cloudy benches. The temperature reaches 4-9 degrees.

On Thursday, the IRM predicts that a new rain zone will cross the country from the west. A small slush is not excluded in the margin for this rainfall area. Maximum temperatures will be about 2 or 3 degrees in the Ardennes and 6 or 7 in most other regions.

On Friday the weather will always be quite cold with a cloudy sky, an unpleasant wind and no more than 6 or 7 degrees. in the middle of the country. Forecasts that will continue next weekend.

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