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Watch the procession of 60 SpaceX satellites, paired tonight

A procession of sixty clearly identified light objects parade into the night sky since May 24, causing some to be raptured and others to become frustrated. These are the first satellites of the Starlink constellation of SpaceX which will eventually have 12,000 to provide global Internet coverage more than the number stars ] visible to the eye ​​ naked on the celestial vault (about 9000). One day after the launch, the satellite process was discovered by archaeologist and astronomer Marco Langbroek as it passed across northern Europe.

Video of the procession sixty Starlink satellites taken by Marco Langbroek on the night of 24-25 May 2019 in the Netherlands. © Marco Langbroek

The Starlink satellites are visible to the naked eye several times a night, as they go around Earth in about 90 minutes, as International Space Station (ISS). Several satellite tracking sites are already on the way and are announcing the next passage in the Starlink procession in your city shit, such as CalSky.com N2YO. com and me.cmdr2.org/starlink .

relatively weak (between +6.5 and +4 of ) but sufficient to give fear in the near future to disturbances astronomical observations, the satellites evolve on a orbit was about 440 km in height. The very tight procession will burst a little over the next few days, as they independently join a 550 km high cruise line.

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