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Trois Belges is a square veulent plus the quality of tax, and it looks favorably at an expense in fortune

Around 66% of Belgium's estimation of not having a fiscal system is inequitable and in large part contracted as well as taxation, which is the reason for the realization of the demand for CNCD 11 11 11, and a partnership of RTBF and La Libre Belgique.

A great majority and revenge consideration for the SMEs and the indipendent payers suffice for the impact. Le Belge estime qu'il n'y a pas les lesits qui doivent deborser.

Une surprise to Arnaud Zacharie, Secretary General of CNCD 11 11 11. " Il ya une fracture dans l'opinion This is a Belgian company that is transnational in terms of its pay-only effect and its petitions and its contracts are, by contrast, Selon 9 Belge's 1

0 pay-as-you-go insurance, which is surprisingly surprising. for the largest transnational companies and the PME in the capital of Belgium. "

Benefits of a Fortune Impact

Autoresponder: Les Belges are majorities of favoritism and the Fortune, with a 1% tax rate les patrimoines supérieurs à 1 million d'uros hors maison familiale. "No surprises but only surprises, but they are the largest in the world: trois quarts of Belgium are a favorite of our patrimonial assets plus the millions of euros Well, this is the fact that you are constituted by the inequalities of the social justice fiscal "according to Arnaud Zacharie.

Finally, 14% of Belgium's youth tax system is not equitable fiscal. There is also a parallel demand for tax plus the quality of tax and some temps of Belgium's interest in the eventuality of certain taxes.

The majority of the Belgians are in favor of the fiscal and environmental authorities. they are implied by the price plus levies for auxiliary

"L Belgium is in fact in favor of favorable fiscal security, but it is the best way to get the payer benefit. sur les billets d'avion. They are at a une taxe sur les tickets d'avion, toute personne qui van prendre l'avion devra payer plus cher. Or on a une majority of Belgians qui est in favor of un telle mesure. C It is my choice to pay a carbon tax in the European Union in a series of complementary avenues for the Taxation and Auxiliary Taxes to protect the economy of importation in a serendipitous fortune. it is a fave of the fiscal area with environmental impact that is implied by the price plus the levy for eux. "

But the resemblance to the power of Sunday remains the same as 72% of Belgians are favored in the idea of ​​taxing their revenues and travail, and private lessons plus the revenues of the elites, et The Taxes plus the Revenue of Capital, the Pollution Environments and the Less Plus Revenues.

The Sundays and Real Estate Agency of the 1000 people.

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