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Thomas Cook, maison-mère de Neckermann, pourra-t-elle éviter le crash?

Stop old encore? It's the question of the lucrative plus millionaires of the person, there are about 22,000 employees of voyagiste British Thomas Cook, attending to a response, so much so. Tout au long du week-end, discussions on eu lieu afin d'eviter au groupe, coté à la Bourse de Londres, bankruptcy.

Dimanche matin, a reunion of the crisis of tenure for actionnaires and créanciers pour contrecarrer in the scenario of the operation and the operation of the repatriation, in addition to the complex and the onerous, the 600 000 clients Thomas Cook current vacations and vacations in travers le monde (read but ci-dessous)! Le groupe devait reunir, and fin de journée, son of the administration. "Nous saurons […] are in agreement with the faithful" and Thomas Cook is a survivor, in accordance with the AFP source file,

Thomas Cook, who is the pioneer of tour operators , they are loyal and grande difficulté financier. It is faithful, in court, in terms of 200 million of life (227 million euros) for a purely simple foundation. This is similar to the credit of the vital to the mainstream of the enterprise. Or just try the restructuring plan, arrange for the next month. This plan is based on the price of controlling the activities of the tour operator of the Fosun and the company of companies of six cranes. But the 900 million of life's promising dance plan is suficient, with Thomas Cook in need of 200 million supplementary activities for pursuing his activities.





L'Éatat britannique appelé à l'aide

Alors, qui va payer? Aucun investor private ne semblait disposé, week-end, to (re) meter at pot of Thomas Cook. The most notable is the case of the bank crèches of the tour operator, Lloyd's and Royal Bank of Scotland. They are, in fact, a lazy, private investor, plus the risk, they are the provider of the coup d'état of the United Kingdom.

Interrogated by Sky News about a possible government intervention, the secretary State Security Department, Brandon Lewis, and "inappropriate to the Secretary of State for comment on the situation in the private enterprise ". The equivalent of " discussions on the course of the journal ", to a lesser extent, "is particularly relevant to a conclusion positive" .

The syndicate TSSA, which represents salaries you voyagiste, avait critical media to the Minister of Enterprise and Industry, Andrea Leadsom, to the exhorter of "se tenir loan to aider Thomas Cook avec a real soutien financier" . "La societte do et etre sauvée quoi qu'il en soit. Aucun government of the British specialties of the department of employment" this, dance cette lettre, the secretary general of TSSA, Manuel Cortes. About 22,000 salaried Thomas Cook, 9,000 married at Royaume Uni.

Hémorragie financière

fo la fois tour operator and company airline (avec a great company for 1

00 avions), le group real estate at least 10 billion euros (11.32 billion euros) of the cafes annually. But it is fragile to deal with some of the crude competition of tour operators and an economic environment, notably Royaume-Uni ave, to the fledgling of Brexit and the life cycle.

Read the results of your premier semester 'urgence de la situation. Avec unte perte net of the 1.7 billion euros, the situation is the most downgrade to the enterprise, in line with this the 1.2 billion euros. The coursework of the Bourse de Londres, quantly lazy, nos plus plus the la la meme.

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