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This bitch learns to "talk" through a device designed by his mistress – videos


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Using a specially designed keyboard, a San Diego resident taught his dog about thirty words with which the animal now composes whole sentences.

Speech training, Christina Hunger from San Diego (California) seems to have realized the dream for many dog ​​owners by getting her dog Stella to talk.

To "establish a dialogue" with her pet, who was just missing speech, Mrs. Hunger designed a special device, the type of keyboard, to help the bitch communicate not only words but also his feelings.

When Stella wants to "talk" she presses the buttons that correspond to the words on the device:

It is not surprising that the very first word Stella learned was "eating". And today she can boast a considerable vocabulary for a dog: according to his mistress, Stella knows 29 different words.

The young woman also taught her dog to move around on the keyboard and to support the buttons needed to build whole sentences. And Stella turned out to be an exceptional student: "Every day, she says something more amazing" enchants her mistress.

She created an account on Instagram, followed by more than 200,000 people, as well as a YouTube channel where she shows the sentences the animal manages to compose. According to her, the way Stella chooses and combines words is the same as for a two-year-old child.

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