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They get an old Valentine's text from their ex

Surprise, misunderstanding and confusion. This was the effect created by messages received a few days ago, in the middle of the night, by many subscribers to the four most important mobile operators in the United States. Originally sent by one of their contacts on Valentine's Day on February 14, the messages had never been delivered to the recipient's units.

The latter shared their fun experience on Reddit and social networks. For example, some said they had received messages from ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends causing inconvenient conversations. Worse, users said that after almost nine months they have received messages from relatives who have died since …

68,149 messages have never been issued

The Syniverse company, which provides services to several telecommunications companies, is at the origin of the suffocation . She apologizes to all those affected and explained that the problem was the result of "a routine maintenance operation". It has inadvertently sent several mobile operator subscribers 168 169 messages that have never been delivered.

"Although the problem has been resolved, we are reviewing our internal procedures to ensure this will not happen again," said William Hurley, Head of Marketing and Products at Syniverse, Quartz.

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