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The government is considering this “last resort” COVID-19 | News | The voice of the East

Dubé insists that the current infection is very different in some regions compared to the first wave of spring, such as in Quebec. Targeted transfer in specific environments, such as nursing homes, has provided space for increased transfer of society.

“In the last two days, we went from 175 active outbreaks to 250 [au Québec]. In two days, there were another 75 outbreaks still going on in the 16 regions. This means that in some areas there are 10, 15 more outbreaks a day. If that’s not enough … We will find a way to say it every day so that people understand that an outbreak can have, as in the case of [bar] Kirouac, an impact of 80, 90, 1

00 people. Every time I get another outbreak, all the medical staff are injured, he insists.

Return of JeContribue

The Minister then issued a call to encourage some pensioners from the health sector to come and help in the 176 screening centers, where staff are lacking.

“I appeal to Quebecers, as we have done in the past, to come and sign up for our JeContribue website,” he explained, saying he would do so “humbly.”

“For the tests, we are especially looking for audiologists, dentists, dietitians who are nutritionists, dental hygienists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, care assistants, medical technicians and midwives. […] It is in a relatively pleasant environment for someone who knows it, but can also do so at quite interesting times. All we will ask is to have a commitment of a few weeks so that we can plan.

“For the investigation part, we need different people. Then we saw this in Quebec City, they had the good idea to call in retired police officers. So people who have experience of surveys or surveys of all kinds. “People will not only be paid for the work they do, but we will also have a training period,” the health ministers explained.

His colleague Education Minister Jean-François Roberge did the same on Tuesday to alleviate the shortage of teachers in schools and provide financial incentives. A motion led by the Parti Québécois calling for “the establishment of a JeContribue platform for the school environment” was also adopted unanimously in the House.

Is there not a risk that more members of an older population will be exposed to and thus more exposed to the virus? “It will be our job to ensure that there is a very strong system for the prevention and control of infections. What we have managed to do in the last six months is to learn how to handle it well. So it is up to us to introduce the prevention system that must be implemented, Dubé replied.

Soon on your phone

Following an initial refusal in late August following a parliamentary committee on the issue where several experts described the uselessness and dangers of such a tool, the use of a COVID contact detection application via mobile phone may soon find its way into your pockets.

“The moment we will have resolved the aspect [des partis] if we could have a Quebec version, there will be two choices. If the Quebec version cannot be installed quickly enough, we also have the option of taking COVID Shield, which is available but still needs to be connected to our system. Discussions in recent days, given the increase in our prices, this discussion is currently underway, “revealed Minister Dubé.

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