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The dark mode of iOS 13 would save up to 30% battery for the iPhone

  iOS 13

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Available since late September, iOS 13 provides a long-awaited dark mode for iPhone and iPad

Especially useful on iPhone models equipped with OLED panels, it would save up to 30 % autonomy according to a test conducted by PhoneBuff.

The Dark Mode Really Favorable to Autonomy

To carry out his experiment, videographer PhoneBuff is equipped with a robotic arm that performs a series of actions with two pointers on two iPhone Xs. First, the dark mode is activated, the second keeps the screen "clear."

In an initial test with a maximum brightness of 200 nits, iPhone X's "ready" was extinguished at the end of 7:30 for use. The dark-colored iPhone Xs then showed another 30% of autonomy for the same actions.

  iPhone XS dark mode

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PhoneBuff repeats its test with different brightnesses. But in any case, the iPhone Xs and its dark screen have a much better endurance than the equivalent.

Less Advantages on LCD Screen

If PhoneBuff's experience has the merits of showing exactly how much juice the dark mode for iOS 13 saves, it will not open smaller doors. We know that an OLED screen is by definition more energy efficient thanks to pixels completely turned off when black appears on the screen. The dark mode therefore maximizes the benefits of this display technology, while doing right to the "endless" contrast ratio of OLED displays.

But you will understand: this increase of autonomy does not finally have room to be the one on the iPhone equipped with such a screen. So far, there are only three: iPhone X, Xs and 11 Pro (and their variations Max). The all-new iPhone 11 avoids this improvement. The more pity that despite its LCD screen, its autonomy is already particularly appealing.

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