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Tentative de meurtre dans le Carré à Liège

L'individu, a very elegant, and a plus plus coupon of couteau to a premiere victor, avant de prendre la fuite. Quelque's minutes plus tard, as well as the committre of full of violence and the violence of the person you are letting me couteau.

Plusieurs help in scenes and identify the homégee of the aggressor. Lorsque teaches policymakers to interpellate the suspect, the state and possession of the poor. You are not a party of facts.

The victor of the coupe de couteau and a blessing at the author of the mollet, but six years ago, is not in danger. Les deux individual victimes of the second aggression, nont, quant à eux, only with touch of the couteau.

A suspect and a deputy in the parquet of Liège and his case and some mis instruction.

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