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Stéphane Moreau breaks the silence after his departure: "It is extremely painful to live"

Nethy's Extraordinary General Meeting on Friday approved the appointment of a new trio of directors composed by Jean-Pierre Hansen, Laurent Levaux and Bernard Thiry

In nvité on the show "It's not every day on Sunday," Stéphane Moreau breaks the silence on Sunday and responds to the many criticisms and accusations he faces. The former CEO of Nethys claims to have made no mistake and stressed that he "defended the Liège anchorage" and "the employment.

A few days after retiring from Nethys as CEO, Stéphane Moreau returns to the Nethys deal, whose controversial sales Voo-Win-Elicio and the "uninterrupted bashing of the press" for which he claims to be a victim. "Morally and physically, it is extremely painful to live this," he says on the set of RTL.

"A ubiquitous story"

On Friday morning, the Liège Prosecutor's Office set the document for the instruction of Judge Frédéric Frenay, specializing in financial and financial matters. Prejudices for violations of trust, illegal interest and criminal conspiracy are targeted. The complaint is directed at X. "The Board of Nethys was informed and everything was voted unanimously," he defends himself.

For Stéphane Moreau, that is misunderstanding. The former CEO of Nethys, criticized for starting businesses where he was both a seller and a buyer, claims that all rules have been respected. It also points to the balance sheet: 900 jobs and a billion billion added value. "I would be very unhappy if this project collapsed," he says.

"Compared to the financial result, this story is a bit ubiquitous," he condemns "a sequel to No Dialogues and Misunderstandings.

" I think there is a great misunderstanding between Liège and the rest of Wallonia about the public industrial initiative. We could have avoided it if we had not excluded all Liege deputies from the Publifin Commission.

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