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star cinema gives us his view of the scandal

Excerpt from interview (to be found again [1

9459019HERE] ) that provided us with a cinema by Patrick Bruel:

Have you been surprised by the current scandal to which it is bound?

I don't have much to say … Bruel is a woman's man, a seducer. He has trouble settling down and finding the woman in his life. It was Amanda Sthers, the wife of her children with whom he still has good contacts, but it didn't last long, their story. He is a perpetual discontent and a runner who never stops watching. A little like he wants to be loved at all costs as a singer on stage. He wants to be loved even by those who have not won for his cause. Without a doubt, it does not make him happy … As I said, I still found rather disgusting attacks that he has suffered on social networks, people obviously do not know what the presumption of innocence means.

►► The cinema explains who really is Patrick Bruel

* "Patrick Bruel, relinquishes our history" by Frédéric Quinonero in the archipelago, 20 €.

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