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she stabs her partner in the abdomen

This Saturday, about 1

7:45, an attack took place at the Namur station. A lady, born in 1971, stabbed the abdomen of her husband, born in 1986. The cause of this attack would be a dispute from the previous day. The two people involved are homeless "The days of the victim are potentially at risk," says the prosecutor's office in Namur.

The woman has been arrested and will be heard immediately for the purpose of bringing the case to trial. [19659006] Since the end of the afternoon, police and some Securail agents have been present at the scene. The white and blue band surround blood stains on the sidewalk in front of the building, as well as inside, at the foot of the escalator.


About 19 o'clock the police and lab were still in place.

  Police tape surrounds blood stains
Police tape surrounds blood stains. – LL.P.

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