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Ryanair and remuneration of conductors: a certain malaise of actionnaires

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Ryanair is an investor in the role of the investor in the action (49.5%) so it is presented in contrast to the system of the prime destination of Michael O'Leary patron payout le voir gagner un potential jackpot the 88.56 million de livres sterling (99 million euros) and cinq ans.

Un peu plus the 50% of the actionnaires of the premier company airline low cost and Europe (50.5%) voted and favored the new policy of conducting remuneration. The report presented in the direction of Ryanair demanded the application of the new regime of interest in the long term for the cadres superior. The transporter and declaration of the new agreement permits a cadre of the recipients of the additional annual rules compenant of the actions entières as well as the options for actions, based on the compensation des objectifs à trois ans. The plan is to take note of the director general of the group, Michael O'Leary, outlining the cinema and up to 10 million of Ryanair's actions at a price of 11.12 euros, in condition that the action will be € 21 pendant 28 years consecutives As of April 2021 and March 2024, it is possible to profit annually from a group of double to 2 billion euros. Michael O'Leary provides a separate option for the realization of a plus value of 99 million euros

A quarter of the investor's vote against the presidential election David Bonderman qui and subi une reaction similaire and september dernier à la suite des grèves estivales de la compagnie aérienne. Ryanair and Declaration of Communiqué: "Ryanair discusses action in the continent and the fair, as well as information on the course of conduct in the way of the administration of the tenant compe conseil et apport sur l'ensemble »

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