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Real estate professionals expect to see fewer homeowners

Can the Belgians lose the famous bricks they should have in their stomachs? However, real estate professionals expect the proportion of families owning their home (72% currently) to decline over the next ten years (to 65%), particularly due to land and the cost of applying environmental standards, according to a study by ING Belgium is among 253 of these professionals.

Costs for land prices and environmental standards are not the only reasons: for almost every second professional is also due to the fact that the relationship with the property will change and that it will be less important for Belgians in the future.

However, this opinion seems to contradict the views of consumers as only 1

9% of them believe that property will be any less important in the future.

While land prices are rising and increasingly stringent energy standards are increasing the cost of a home – it is estimated that a passive house costs at least 20% more than a regular home minimum – we seem to be moving toward a further reduction in the size of the home.

Finally, the sector is optimistic about new technologies: 77% believe that the 3D printer will gain popularity in the next five years.

New technologies should also enable working more efficiently, improving efficiency, reducing costs and reducing the ecological footprint of the construction sector.

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