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Read Apple Glass looks like the big Apple project

occ l'occasion d'un reunion secretary, Apple aurait indices for six employees with lunettes connected to the prochain grand project of the enterprise, the replacements of the iPhone.

Pendant plus the 10 years, Apple and a huge number of six smartphones, as well as the cheval de bataille for the grand public, a showcase for six other products. Our temples are the focus of a revival as well as a variety of rumors. The iPhone is directly connected to the place where the product is connected to the Pomme aux lunettes.

Selon The Information directs the Apple aurient in part of the project of the company to other companies cours d'une reunion reunion ten octobre dernier. Selon of sources discusses the file interrogated by The Information, to the point of no question about the progress of the Apples technology in the domain of real estate and the particularity of the product of this technology.

The Vice President of Apple, Mike Rockwell, which is notable for the creation of virtual reality and virtual aura in order to confirm the projects of the casque and the lunettes AR. The Apple Eyes case looks for 2022, as well as lunchtime connections plus elegant sort of dance for the 2023 course.

This information is in contrast to the author's rumors. En effet, depuis des mois déjà, les bruits de couloirs advanced que la Pomme presents six premieres lunettes AR and 2020.

Au-delà de la date de sortie de nouvelle object technology, sources of The Information affirment que lunettes connectées seraient le nouveau produit de predilection de la Pomme. Otherwise, it replaces the iPhone at the pre-occupancy level of the Apple "dance environment for a decade."

Un casque et des lunettes AR

Pour l'instant, Apple, and an ad in addition to its projects. The reunion ̵

1; whether it is a question or a lie – is supposed to be the remainder of the secret and it is this element, but on account of the details of the Apple Eyes and Apple Glass (noms non-official).

Ainsi, the case of the augmentation of the Pomme reports on the fact that it is the only current action in the march, notably the Oculus Quest. Doté d'uncran haute resolution, the casque permittrait of the cartographie son environnement.

Quant auxiliary connections, or seraient plus aesthetics and portables dance to the lesson, see rapprochement de lunettes de soleil. Otherwise, it is possible to use the battery for the battery and other accessories for the operation of the battery. “Simple” lunettes de réalité augmentée. The Serial Question Is Remotely Called To Your iPhone. Just because you think it is permissible to fit the coupon of the file, the surfer is not an author.

The remainder for information as well as information is just not yours. You chose acid, ete, depuis longtemps, the Pomme's appliance to the lunette of the augmented reality augmentée. Cela pourra's faire l'année prochaine ou dans quelques années.

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