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Quote for a crazy drive on the E19: he deliberately hit it at 120 km / h and then stops to come and attack him

Testimony of a miracle on the road, victim of the mad gesture of a motorist who got stuck on the left leash.

The facts took place yesterday shortly after 8:30 am on the E19 to Brussels, just before "Nivelle's motorway area. Federal police on the road are called in place of an accident between two cars," its spokesman confirms. The police will make a simple report for material damage.

A collision like any other? Not if we believe the version of one of the two drivers, who contacted us via our orange button Warn us. "Here we are talking about aggression in circulation" he explains

Here is his version

"While traveling with my VW Golf on the 3rd band, I am very closely followed by an Alfa Romeo, I slow down slightly to turn on my lights to indicate to this driver that in the event of emergency braking, the accident is insured. Surprised at my gesture he suddenly slows down, it didn't count for a moment of madness by this person who can't find anything better than to take me to the right to fall violently on his left and collide with my vehicle to 1

20 km / h to make me leave the road " detailed it

" I avoid the worst and control my vehicle " continues it. But then in shock, " I let myself slip to the emergency stop band, but this driver stays behind me and wants to get hit! I immediately call the police on the spot. hysterical person tells me he made me think I wanted to fall back into my right, I can say what I want, he will be right he said. "

The aggressive not worried

Finally, the police arrive and face the two conflicting versions, can only note the accident with simple material damage. But the victim regrets that he does not have a witness for to support its version. "Of course no one stopped on the highway."

"Such a gesture reminds me of the crazy man who drove his vehicle on this victim at Aldi How many of these attacks must we suffer in this world where everyone lets their anger explode? Fortunately, my wife and son were not with me! This madman would have sent me into the landscape with all the consequences for my integrity that I dare not think … "

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