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Presidency of MR, debate of the candidates: yes or no to N-VA?

In a few weeks, the reform movement will have a new president replacing Charles Michel who goes to Europe. Who will be the new Liberal President? This election is important because it will appoint the person who will play a key role in the formation of the future federal government.

Five candidates: three men and two women. Christine Defraigne, Clementine Barzin, Denis Ducarme, Georges-Louis Bouchez and Philippe Goffin. On the set "It's not every day Sunday" they all assure: they are there for gathering rather than sharing. Yet they all run for the MR presidency, and only one will be elected.

With or without N-VA?

To better understand these 5 candidates, the debate is mainly focused on the occurrence or not of N-VA hook atoms.

A few months ago Georges-Louis Bouchez stated that he went well with Théo Francken. Denis Ducarme for his part stated: "If they call me & # 39; the Walloon Francken & # 39; it does not bother me" . Christine Defraigne, she would not appreciate the comparison. " I have defended values ​​sincerely, I am not a friend of Mr. Francken, it is very clear, but I can compromise, but I am uncompromising in some points" .

Philippe Goffin did not like the provocations in Francken during his years as Secretary of State for Asylum and Immigration. " He complicated everything, and finally the balance sheet for his migration policy is not a success. It was so easy to provoke, to mount people against each other. I did not like this way of making politics is not mine."

Théo Francken stated that he would not mind joining forces with Vlaam's Belang if the programs from Belang and N-VA agree sufficiently. An opinion that Georges-Louis Bouchez, though he does well with Francken, does not share. " I am fine with Raoul Hedebauw, that does not mean I want to be a communist, I defend a policy based on the rule of law, MR has been able to apply its vision to It was not a Francken government, but a Michel government."

Denis Ducarme confirms the cohesion of these five candidates: " We are not here to fight. The Liberals, and I want to highlight what unites us, we will not start throwing exclusivity on some parties, the situation is already complicated and we will not deny the fact that N-VA is the second party of the country. "

As for Clementine Barzin, she elicits a more neutral opinion:" It is important to be a democrat Two major parties are out of the election, and these parties have more power than never to move forward, MR will take responsibility, with only red line: "no confederalism" "

20 seconds to convince

Every k andidat was able to express his ambitions, with the challenge of convincing party members who will vote with a time of 20 seconds.

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