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Paul Magnette expresses his mission as an informant: "Certains points of convergence are delegates"

Paul Magnette, current informal royal, awaits the rendezvous avec la presse ce lundi at 15h. The Occupation for the New President of the PS is the fair point of the advancement of the mission of the remit in a premier report on Roi lundi November 18.

"J'ai tout d'abord rencontré separément les Informatiers royaux Reynders et van de Lanotte et j'ai pu prendre la mesure dans le détail du travail accompli", commence l'homme fort de Charleroi.

Jusqu ' on Saturday, the president of PS and 6 members of the family, saviors, libertarians, socialists and ecologists of the north and south of pays.

"Pour l'instant, to the part of the party leur availablity. "

Who retires from his prime minister's office?

" Certains points of the delegation's delegate. Il ya eu a consensus on employment, which is an objective essential for financial assurance sustainable [social security] is important to the point of interest. "

The president of PS not so focused on the details:" Le climate, La croissation, la cohesion social, the finance of justice and security and migration are autonomous to the subjects in review Eerrement. "

Paul Magnette explicitly checks on the Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pierre Moscovici to discuss your budget. "Chacun is conscientious about the budgetary situation and complicated. Chacun is also conscientious about not having a laissez-faire to the infinite and renou avec to effect the boule de neue connot dans 80. In the way of regulating the problem of "

" Une autre thématique est bien entendu le volet constitutionnel. The question is the study of man's transversal. "

Et après?

"I am using the journal here and in our notes for a note in a souvenir auxiliary part. Il n'est pas toujours évident, dans les entretiens, de mesures l'adhesion de chaque parti, mais bien par écrit. "

" It is on Saturday, you are referring to 9 parties that are not exclusive to the participants in a government. "

" Après, your editorial and synthesis, you present it, comme il me l'a demandé, lundi prochain. "

M. Magnet and element of the Ambiance of Autor of Negotiations: "The ambiance of the traveler is excellent and to part with the method accepted by the method", explicit-t-il. "Read entrentiens sont constructifs et respectueux".

Il poursuit: "Il ya certain numbers of points or ya una consensus. In the example, you must agree on the objective of the relative les pensions."

Il continue: " Les libraux, socialists and ecologists are present in the ensemble, with the permissibility of all plus some verses of different convergences. "

" C'est a mission of information, not the most demanding of present coalition possible but the present to social convergence of parties. "

The term:" By report on a seminar on this, you are a person plus optimist. "

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