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Pascal Praud shoots a leader in full broadcast on a columnist: "We must not come!" (VIDEO)


This is not a first for the host of CNews …

Decisively, participating in the show "L & # 39; heure des Pros" is not easy, far from it. Accustomed to polemics, Pascal Praud was released again this Friday, September 20, live on CNews. The host attacked directly on one of his columnists, Caroline Mécary, while the latter returned to the Mélenchon trial. "But Caroline Mécary, that's unbearable your attitude! That's not right, I can't animate a TV show!", Pascal Praud won. The reason for his nervousness? The hub of the set because of the different chroniclers who want to talk at the same time.

After getting angry, the host explains his anger by reading the viewer's reaction to the surrounding crochet. "The show gets annoying and even unbearable with this lump, all the serious themes that you bring up are written off and the guest image deteriorates," read the presenter. But he did not stop there because he resumed his attacks on lawyer and columnist Caroline Mécary. "We can't listen, once you're here, we can't have a quiet debate, we can't come," he says again.

Caroline Mécary, however, does not lose her cool and is content to propose to Pascal Praud a "chamomile". When the debate resumes, it will not be long before the situation slips again. "Your attitude to both is bad," the host this time also tells Julie Garnier. An astonishing show that will end with a Pascal Praud armed with a megaphone to order silence to people on set. A scene far from trivial on TV …

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